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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Letter #37 Another excting and crazzzy week!

This week was crazy! It started last Monday. After p day me and Reeves were walking down to the Port. We were going down this street and these little black chocolate kids were playing football so i jumped in........ and then some people across the street called us over......soo, i thought they were gonna be mad for me playing with their kids. But, when we got over there this girl was sitting in a wheel chair and her leg was messed up. So i went over and asked her what happened and she said she got hit by a car about a week ago. She said she wanted a Book of Mormon but we didn't have any on us so i read a scripture with her, Ether 12:27 and then we prayed with her. She wanted us to come back the next day......So we did! We went over and had a CRAZY lesson with her. She said when she saw us on the street the pain in her leg went away so thats why she called us over. But our lesson was nuts craziest lesson i have had on my mission so far. But she is set to get baptized on the 10th of Nov. Hopefully she can make that day. But we got another really good new investigator named John he is 16 and is a really smart kid. He has a lot of questions about life but he is doing good. But that's the good Jesus news for this week. Me and E Reeves had a crazy lesson over and Nabillas house who is the girl who got hit by the car. when we got there her crazy cousin who has been doing drugs a lot of his life was there and the dude was nuts! Im pretty sure he was on something but he kept running into the wall! haha bunch of clowns out here. But when we got all situated in there he came in and told us to read Psalms 89 or something and he wanted all of us to hold hands and read it! haha poor Reeves was sitting by him and when these people get all spiritual over here they start squeezing your hand real tight and he was squeezing the garbage out of Reeves hand! haha it was the funniest thing ive ever seen. Its hard to explain over E- Mail so remind me about this and ill tell you more when i get home. But then we had to pray with them holding hands and they were screaming and kept saying PRAISE JESUS! I had to put my head down cause i was laughing so hard!! But that was about it for the weird stuff this week. Other then that we have been teaching a lot and doing the same ol stuff! Were moving to a new apartment on Nov 1st so that's cool cause our place is a pile! But that's about it love you guys!
Love:E Smith

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