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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Letter # 36 Cedar City Swag Team staying together!

What up!!!
Well today is transfers and the "Cedar City Swag Team" is still going to do some work over here in Elizabeth. So 6 more weeks baby! This week was good though kind of slow but good. We have been doing a lot of knocking doors still and trying to get some people to teach. This week we had some good success. At the first of the week we saw Sarah a couple times to give her a blessing cause she has been sick, but she still is a trooper and makes us food! she knows me to well to know I'm always hungry! But nothing to big happened this week, we have 2 new investigators Anna and her mom Patricia. They are really nice Anna is 16 and she looks straight up like Beyonce not even kidding but no jungle fever here so your good! But we taught them the restoration on Saturday and they soaked it up and they invited us back so that's good. After that lesson we went out to eat with Sarah to the mall at Applebees and that was probably the best day this week. haha Sarah got to see the real side of me when I'm hungry and she was a little scared but after my appetizer and half way through my food i back to my lovely self!! ha. I got the 2 for 20 by myself :) And no i didn't eat it all i still had 1 entree left so I'm not that fat here people!!! But yesterday for p day it was pretty good, we went and ate at a Brazilian Buffet cause of some b days some missionaries were having and the night ended with me and Reeves down in the port trying to teach people and we did have a good lesson with another new investigator John. He is a young kid and has lots of questions about life but he is really prepared. Then on the way home these 3 little Spanish girls were playing hop-scotch and as we walked by i jumped in and joined them and at first i scared the crap out of them but after i did it they started laughing really hard it was funny! Bet they weren't expecting this white ginger boy to do that! Booo yaa! But this week we will pretty much just be trying our best to keep these new investigators progressing! But that's all for this week hope all is well in Utah swag love you guys! Tell everyone hi for me.
Love:E Smith

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