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Monday, October 7, 2013

Letter 35 !!!! With Pics

Hi Fam,

This week was good. Monday we went out to eat with Sarah to celebrate
her getting dunked, we went with her fam too, it was a good time. She
picked a all you can eat place cause she said, I’m a fatty!! ha then on
Tuesday i went on a exchange again back over to Irvington. It was fun,
I got to see Keemi the girl who wanted me to dunk her before i
left so, that was cool. Then on Thursday it was a "lets juke the
missionary day" so we had all but 1 lesson juke us. I even called one
of the girls and she answered and i told her it was the missionaries
then she hung up!!! should of knocked down her door and ginger slapped
her......BUT I DIDNT! Friday was good cause Sarah fed us so that
always brightens up my day! She hooked us up good this week fed us
twice! She must like us or something! But then we had General
Conference which is like the super bowl for missionaries cause we just
sit on our cans all day and listen to someone else teach for once so
thats nice! But conference was good, i have realize now that i should had paid
attention.. And, they speak about some deep stuff. I was telling people
how back at home when mom would come down stairs and wake me up and
turn it on in my room. Then when I woke up i would change it to the
movie channel then, when she would check to see if i was watching it i
made sure it was one the recent button to change it back real quick!!
hahahaha! good times! But it was a good weekend after the sessions we
went and saw Sis. Sanchez and she fed us some good bbq chicken then
during the 2 sessions yesterday the Spanish Ward made the
missionaries Peruvian food!! i love that stuff! Then on top of that
after conference we went down to Natalies and her brother Anthony's
house and they fed us food!! Me and Reeves were loving all this food!
We did meet a cool group of kids while walking to the dinner
appointment, we walked by and they asked if we were Jahova Witnesses
and we told them no and talked to them a little bit, i gave them some
sour watermelon candy while we were talking cause some were black and
i thought they would enjoy that :) hahaha and they listened to us more
but they were cool they wanted us to come back today. But thats about
it for this week love you guys

love: Elder Smith

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