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Monday, August 26, 2013

Another intersting say the least! Letter #29

Hi Fam,
This week was good. It went by way fast. But nothing really new happened this week. Our investigator Sara is being a Jerry Springer and isn't really progressing. But we did have a interesting lesson with her friend Jolyz. She is our new investigator. We saw her on Tuesday and we taught her some what of the Plan of Salvation it was goin good until she started asking us all sorts of questions. From.... if we were Virgins haha and why you can't have sex before marriage and all this stuff, its crazy how some people just grow up like this and they don't have a clue. But she was getting all stressed out about all we were telling her. So, she went and made herself a Margarita. haha After she was buzzed a little bit she paid more attention! ha. This Saturday I met a guy at the park where we go play sports with members and investigators. I was doing pull ups on the bars and he was over there. He is a college ball player, he plays football. He is cool I started talking to him about lifting and stuff. Then we got on the subject about Jesus and he believes in a lot of what we do. Except he is a bible teacher and bashed with some stuff we taught. We gave him a BOM. So we will see if his Haitian butt reads it. Yesterday in church we had a record of 33 people. ha Its crazy how small our branch is, but for priesthood me and E. Marshall ditched it and we joined the primary for singing time and coloring. For singing I requested "Once there was a snow man" haha I sang out my heart to that one! And  I forgot how pro I am at the coloring books!! haha I even signed the pic I colored and gave it to a little girl! I told her that signature was going to be famous some day. But that's all for this week. And I want all the details on the hunting that's going on over there! Please and thank you! love you guys!
Love: Trevor

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