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Monday, August 19, 2013

Letter 28........


What up white people!! This week was good this week went by way fast! But first things first is i saw the pic of Twink and his goat!! Made me sick just thinking i was not there to see that go down. But, its OK just wait till this red head gets home!!!! But on the Jesus side, things are good here. This Saturday we had a branch BBQ. It went good i saw some members from my last ward so that was cool. And we ate some good food! Had Burgers and ribs and cant forget the watermelon haha and some black sister made some home made sweet potatoe pie!! it was good the black folks here were going nuts for it haha! But we just ate and played catch and stuff i seriously threw a football for 4 hours straight, but it was fun. And we have a member in the branch named Sister Dorvil she is pregnant so i call her Prego haha but i forgot how much food prego people can eat she tackled like 8 burgers I'm not even kidding! But it went good, we had Sara our investigator come she is the one on the blog with me. She should be getting dunked on Sunday if she can stay out of trouble. But yesterday in church guess who got asked to talk 20 min before Sacrament!!? This guy!! yep i just read a talk from conference about  members being missionaries. I was just soiling my pants a little bit though, but everyone said it was good so I'm alright with that. Oh and for the news on my pants I'm getting some new ones today so don't worry! I have been wearing my suit pants so no one got a free show this week! haha Well the weather is cooling down over here in snookiville so its a lot nicer since we walk everywhere. But that's all for this week. Hope everyone is doing good! Remember to say your prayers, read, and go to church! love you guys tell everyone hi for me.

Love: E. Smith

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  1. This weeks post made me laugh. Sounds like things are going well for him.