Trevors Homecoming

Monday, August 5, 2013

Letter 26

Hola mi Familia!
Some more spanish for ya..lots of mexicans in this area ha! Well just to start off the guy next to me in the PUBLIC library is straight up looking up half naked chicks and taking pics of them on his phone haha I'm trying so hard not to laugh right now there are like over 30 people on computers around us haha he ain't scared...But anyways other then this clown next to me this week has been good. We have been working hard, our investigator Sara is getting close to her baptism she is doing good she has changed a lot in the past week we have had some good lessons with her. She did flip out about keeping the sabbath day holy and not going to clubs ha! but we finally calmed her down and she excepted it after 20 min of flipping out ha. I told her if she ever has temptations to drink to call me, so we have gotten a few calls haha. We did run into a black guy the other day walking home from the church. He stopped us and started saying he likes what we do but we need to get ready cause its the last days and other countries are going to attack us. So then he continued and said how he bought a gas mask and a chemical suit online for him and his 6 year old for when this happens and we should stop right now... go home and buy these things for us and our families ahaha dude was on crack! But that was only crazy thing this week. This area doesn't have as much Jerries around here as Irvington. Oh did get hit on for the first time here in Elizabeth by some spanish chicks haha it was some funny stuff! But thats about it sorry not to much stories this week. But on the plus were going fishing today I'm freaking PUMPED! love you guys
Love: Trevor

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