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Monday, February 24, 2014

Letter 55

wuz up!

This week was flipping crazy! I got my new comp Elder Pelsue coming from Colorado but originally from Mesa, AZ. Also I don't have my Koreans in my district anymore which I'm not very happy about that but my new district is cool. I feel like I'm a relief society teacher now. I have 4 sisters and 2 elders! But I made it fun we played some basketball game I made up and I was just teasing everybody on there shooting it was fun. Thursday was pretty crazy. It was our walking day and since there is so much snow the side walks are covered. So we walked over to a less active named Sandy who owns the deli and we have to walk up a main highway to get there. And we had to walk in the road cause we didn't have side walks it was pretty sketchy. We would run down the high way then jump into a drive way and let cars fly by. Friday was pretty boring nothing to big. But Saturday was way cool. We had breakfast at our ward mission leaders place. Then after we took our piece of a Toyota into STS for a oil change and while we were there me and Pelsue were zoned in on sports magazines and a guy walked in and started talking to us, he went to Utah for school and he was nice but not a huge fan of religion. So after he left there was a lady sitting next to him while we were talking and she started asked us what we did again. So we talked to her about what we do and she asked if it was hard being away from our families and we said ohh ya but its worth it by helping other people. Then it got intense she opened up big time and started talking how she has been going through hard times lately. She just got a divorce and lost her brother 4 months ago and she started to cry. So I went over and sat by her and we started teaching her about the Book of Mormon and the plan of salvation and every time me or elder Pelsue would testify to her she would start crying harder. ha She put her sunglasses on cause she didn't want anyone to see but it was way cool. We gave her a Book of Mormon and our number and when we were leaving she gave us a big hug and said I knew there was something special about you guys.ha I mean ya were good looking and stuff but we got that Jesus light to us haha. It was really cool though makes it easier to stay out cause sometimes you feel like no ones is listening to you anymore. But after that we went over and taught our investigator Babby and her fam with a member, Then we went over to a less actives house for lunch. She made us a huge bowl of safichay, which is a Spanish dish. It's like salsa with shrimp in it, and she said we couldn't leave till it was gone so me and Pelsue hammered down 4 bowls of it. I was soo full, Then I played a game of chess with her husband who isn't a member and he destroyed me! Then we went right over to another members house and had dinner, I was gonna throw the flip up!! But I didn't so no worries. And yesterday Greg the guy I played chess with came to church so that was good. But that was my week peeps! 

love Trevor

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