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Friday, February 7, 2014

Letter 52

This week has been crazy busy! Tuesday I went on exchange with the Koreans. We had a grand ol time by rapping to some Jesus music and makin the best out of the day. We pretty much just contacted the whole time,I gave out a card and I straight up talked just Korean! They were proud of this ginger! I did use some Spanish too that night. Then on Wednesday morning I had my physical therapy at the doctors. And that sucked! Elder page was laughing at me the whole time cause they were making me do some ridiculous work outs! I looked like a Jerry Springer! But I made it look good haha! It went good though I just have 2 more sessions and then I  do the workouts at home. The rest of the day we just drove up to and saw some investigators and a less active family. The investigators that we have up there just talk about weed and drinking haha there fun to teach though. Saturday was fun, me and Elder D port had a meeting in West New York and after we went to Panda express, then on the way back we passed this place where Man v Food was so we stopped and got a burger there. It was sooo good! And yes we ate at both places were a bunch of fatties! The place was packed! Then we had SUPERBOWL SUNDAY! it was pretty fun and sucked at the same time. We were busy for the first part of the day with church and teaching then at 5 we had a dinner appointment with the Ashdown family. And we ate way good! She made all the good Superbowl snacks and stuff. Then just about when we were going to leave he turned the T.V on and I was hooked for a solid 20 min! I couldn't help myself! then next thing you know I was sitting down eating the little Smokey's and salsa haha! He texted me the scores though after each quarter! I called Colby and was seeing how he was doing not watching it and he was dying a little inside but its okay Jesus first! But next year its gonna be a party!! Monday we had a crazy snow storm and that's why I didn't e mail all of you! Its snowed allllllllllllllllll day! we got like 8 inches. And i was bored out of my mind, we couldn't drive so we just sat on our butts all day! I watched a Jesus movie and slept and workout! welcome to my life haha But that was this week. love you guys!

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