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Monday, July 8, 2013

Letter 22 !!!!!

Mi Familia......some Spanish for ya...your welcome!
This week was good. The 4th was not the same not gonna lie. I missed going up the mountain and being with the fam but we made sure we had fun here in Snookivile. We got off duty at 5 so we could go have fun. We first went and ate dinner at a diner up the street, the diners are way good out here, but for desert we decided a good ol game of WATER PONG would be good hahaha. Yep got us a game of water pong going and we even had our Red solo cups haha it was pretty fun i only lost once :)..haha i don't know how i got good at it but it was fun.:) After, we went and watched Fireworks which were pretty good not gonna lie they just might of beat Cedar's. But that was our 4th. But this week as for teaching was alright we went to a lot of parties and got a lot of food which is nice! We didn't get to see a lot of our investigators cause of the holiday but we did our best. On Sunday things got pretty fun when me and Tongan arrived for our meeting with the Bishop the crazy homeless lady was out side and when we pulled up all the doors were locked so we had to walk around and she got all mad cause she thought we were playing games with her so she got all mad and yelled at us so when me and Tongan got in we went over to open the door for her and Tongan had a little chat with her about not swearing and to apologize to us then i told her that she better not take a shower in the bathroom again. haha But then while walking in the bishop and Bro Nuzman were waiting in the Hall and told her to leave because i guess last Sunday she yelled at the bishop. So when they told her to leave she wouldn't so we had to call the cops and this is where it got good. When the cops came she tried to lie her way out of it and she told the cops that we stole 100 dollars from her and that me and Elder Makai were walking around on the 4th with shirts that said and i quote "we got money and we hate you" hahahhahaha lol i was dying! Crazy lady! But then after that church was good me and Elder Makai went over to a members house and she had a friend over and she wants to learn more so we got another investigator. Were at 7 i think. But that's about it. Love you guys....And remember!...........GO TO CHURCH YOU SINNERS! HA
Love:The Elder that has money and hates people haha

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