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Monday, July 29, 2013

Letter 25 and New Address!!!!

What up fam!
I got transferred to Elizabeth NJ. It is only like 15 min from Irvington so that's cool. But its way different and a lot nicer and not as ghetto as Irvington. My new comp is E.Marshall he is from Salt Lake and he goes home in 5 weeks. Me and him get a long just fine. He looks like a complete Nerd but he is way cool. haha!! oh ya and I'm in a Walking area again. But this week was good! We have some legit Investigators. But our 2 that are doing good are Sara Lee and Hugo. Sara is 19 and she has a kid, she is Brazilian and Cuban, and Hugo is from Ecuador and he is in his 30's. But Sara has been doing good. We went over and taught her the other day about the Restoration and I was just telling her about how I come to know about the church and about my family and friends back home and she started to cry! ha I'm just slapping people with the spirit out her. But me and E. Marshall teach well with each other so that's a bonus. But that was the spiritual experience for the week and some funny stories about this place is there are Mexicans everywhere over here! around the corner from our house there are around 20 of them that sit on the corner and wait for people to come pick them up if they have work for them, or there just drunk ha! ha But the branch here is crazy to. There were seriously 15 people in church and about half were missionaries haha I had to say the opening prayer and bless the sacrament and teach a class which was jammed packed with a total of 1 girl haha that's it, me and my comp taught her with the sisters it was something else! But after church we went and took people the sacrament and we went over to this ladies house and she is in her 80's and a lil crazy. Well we got there and I was just chillin on the couch and she looked over at me and  she told me that she was going to spank my butt with a belt and then she stepped it up a bit and said she was going to pull my pants down and spank me hahaha but don't worry I didn't let her! But she was just teasin! And even though she wanted to spank me and since I'm a nice person.... I put tennis balls on her walker so she could cruise faster! yep I'm going to the top! But that's about it for the week. I'm lovin this place its going to be fun.............and there are some cute chick's here haha heyyyy ohh! :) I'm staying focused though don't worry!
Love:Elder Smith
my address is -
859 Cross st. #3
 Elizabeth, NJ 07201

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