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Monday, July 22, 2013

Letter #24 First transfer coming this week.

What up fam!
This week was super busy, we pretty much went and visited all the members and investigators we could because i was getting transferred. But the highlights for the week was on Tuesday after District meeting we went to Applebee's with some of the other sisters for lunch. They are having the ALL YOU CAN EAT salad and soup FYI!.. ha yep, right up our ally! Me and Tongan set the new record there for 9 refills of salad and soup, the waitress was getting a little upset, haha i warned her though! haha. After that me and Tongan had a little adventure with our car. So we were headed to go see Esa, who i use to lift with, and i was driving and here in NJ there are a lot of huge speed bumps in the neighborhoods but all they have for a heads up are 3 white lines right in the middle of them to warn us ha! Well there was a Nissan in front of me and it started slowing down so i waited a sec and then i just figured he was pulling into the driveway..........i was wrong........ha so then i went around him and stepped on the gas and then this is where Tongan yelled SPEED BUMP! haha and then this is where we passed the black guy starring at us with is 6 year old starring at us to in the passenger seat and then me, Tongan and Team Chevy Malibu were in the air hahahaha it was legit! nothing bad happened though just laughed so hard i was crying! ha then the dude rolled up next to me at the next light and i rolled down my window and he said "thought i was slowin down for nothing huh"? and he laughed and drove off! Good times! But then on the spiritual note yesterday we went over to say goodbye to Nakeeya and Qiana who are 2 recent converts in the church to say goodbye. And there sister Keemi was there. I've met her once before and i just figured she was a member but she wasn't she is way cool, well she pretty much told us that she wants to be baptized and she knows all there needs to know in order to get baptized. We asked her the Baptismal questions and she passed and then we asked her who she wanted to baptize her and she said....."Ginger!" Seriously i almost cried... don't tell no one though! ha.....But i didn't!! But the dumb thing is i am leaving so i cant so Tongan is going to do it! Kind of upset about it but its alright ill move on! And other then that im upset im leaving this place, there is a lot of cool people i got close with here but its all good i got to go spread the word somewhere else in Snookiland! love you guys!
Love: Elder Smith

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