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Monday, July 15, 2013

Quote of the week "Papi got knocked out" hahaha

White People!! (this is what Rajeem says to us every time he see's us ha)

Hi fam!, this week was good we got 3 new investigators and there freaking legit! There names are Breezy, Hakeem aka Midget cause he is 5 foot and Keith who is a 6'11 skinny dude but he is cool. We met all of these guys through the less active Rajeem but they haven't really shown much interest till recently, But we called up Breezy on Wednesday and we went over to his house which is right by Rajeem's. When we got there he was wearing a shirt with a pic of a big ol blunt on it haha and he was with his other friends so we just started talking to them all. ha they have the hardest time paying attention they have the attention spand of a 2 year old but there freaking funny! When a black girl would walk by no matter what she looked like they would all stop and turn there heads and go " Daaang girl" haha yep just like the movies you see with all the black people in them. But we were sitting there teaching and these 2 little black kids were walking behind us and called one of breezy's friends over to ask if we were cops. ha he said no and came back over to the lesson. So right then we were talking about the Book of Mormon and right in the middle of it Breezy jump up and said "ohhh man did you see that papi got knocked out!" haha so what happened was those little black kids who were like 12 went over to this Mexican who lives next to Breezy and punched him in the face then ran! Breezy was laughing so hard and kept yelling "papi got knocked out" not gonna lie it was funny! But then the cops showed up but they didn't bug us. But after all of that we did have a good lesson and left them with a Book of Mormon and we had a return appointment with all three of them. But that was the scene of the week other then that we have a total of 11 investigators so were pretty busy! But that's about it for the week love you guys!  Quote of the week " Papi got knocked out" hahaha

Love: E Smith

This is Rajeem and family with Trevor

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