Trevors Homecoming

Monday, September 29, 2014

Letter 85


To be honest with you I forgot my planner and don't remember this week, ha! its been a jerry springer show. Sooooo I'll give you as much as I can remember. So this week was a big week of service, we have been doing well with our lawn care business ha!. More stuff me and the Korean Nilssen have been doing is lots of teaching, we have visited our investigator Jackie in the hospital a couple times this week. She is going to get baptized soon, but we always hook her up with her favorite strawberry slushy at Sonic before we go see her, haha she is addicted, she always calls before we come to see if we will get her one. Soooo if I go broke its all on sonic. We also had zone conference this week with our area 70 Elder Anderson, he was cool. It was a long freakin meeting though, we had to hit up the local liquor store on the way so we had a little something to keep us up during the meeting hahaha jk jk we just had swedish fish. All the flipping sisters sittin on my row kept eatin them! Flipping women!! It was funny though everyone was falling asleep, haha even P taggy was nodding off up on the stand. But on Saturday we had a ward service project, we went to this boys and girls club and we cleaned there back play ground  and garden. It was fun. Pelsue was with us too. After doing that we went over to a member's house, the Connors there awesome. They brought us over for lunch after service and fed us a bunch of chicken salad sandwiches! I felt like I was back at home! But we had a intense game of latter ball and you already know who won that! Then got back to work by going and moving in a new family in our ward. After that we headed back to the church and found our car completely destroyed with toilet paper by the Mexican missionaries, so pay back was we decorated the sisters car haha. But the sisters in our ward were also having a dinner before the broadcast and they said we can stay and we did! ha Yesterday was a good Sunday, we had a member get up and bare his testimony of how grateful he was for me and elder Nilssen helping him and being there for him due to his dad passing away the last week. It was cool to hear. Sometimes you feel like your not doing enough out here, and no one notices what you do so its nice to get stuff in return. But fun fact for the week is me and Korean did squats for work outs early this week and I've been walking around like I have a stick up my rear end for the last 4 days haha pray for recovery for me haha. Thats its people love you! KILL A MONSTER SISSY!!!!

lOVE: Elder Smith 

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