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Friday, September 26, 2014

Letter 84

Fam! What up!

This week was full of doing service! We started with mowing half of Diana's lawn and then going over to the members house that let us borrow her mower and mowed her lawn cause we have had her lawn mower in our trunk for like 2 weeks for our lawn care service ha! So we Mowed her front yard and then we finished up at Diana's. Then the next day we got up and went and finished Diana's yard and she made us lunch which was swaggy. And then we went over and helped another member named bro Nuygen, he is a crazy Vietnamese man but he is freakin funny! We helped him move this huge pine tree, and dug some holes. Then after all of that we ended the night playin b ball. Then Friday we started off the morning getting ourswole on and then going to Bro Nuygen house again and the lil man was standing on top of a big ol tree when we got there cutting off a big branch with a  chain saw! I felt like i was right back at home with this Red neck yacht club scene! Then the  best part was tying up a rope to the limp to is 76 ford F100 and trying to break it off haha it was flipping awesome. After that we went home and got all Jesus like and went and gave a blessing to the sisters investigators house in a trailer park cause there was a murder in it a couple years before and they were feeling funky stuff. So me and Korean went Jesus guns hot in there and fixed that. Then when we came out of the house the lady who lives there was crying super hard and asked if we would give her a blessing and then she kept crying and saying can you baptize me RIGHT NOW! HAHA So we did right there in her fish pond HA JK JK we wished. But I gave her a blessing and then we ran home and got them food cause they were low on that. The rest of the day was cool we went and ate olive garden with Emily from England and wrecked that place, and then ended the day teaching. Saturday was legit. We had our meeting with the ward mish leader and after we stayed for a wedding in our ward that was way low key and had about 8 people there and half were missionaries. But on the plus side the member took us out to eat at this Italian restaurant after so that was cool. Then after that we saw Jackie in the hospital and then went and did more service moving a couch and then that member took us to 5 guys! And then it got even better with the Jenks buying us Pizza right after that. Are we fat! MAYBE. no judging. ha! Last night was fun though, after church we went and checked up on Jackie again and then we went over to this kid named Henry's house. The Mexican missionaries met him where they do service and invited him to come play B ball and he lives in our area so he invited us to come to his place and when me and Nilssen rolled up to his house we about soiled our pants! They live right on the bay. His house is huge, his parents are way cool too they were shocked of what we do as missionaries and really respected us, we went in the back to play this hacky sack game and Henry brought out cokes, and then his dad came out and was like! Hey what are you guys doing you cant drink coke! ha it was funny some things people think about Mormons out here kills me! But we had burgers and hot dogs and also we got to feed Swans, we fed them bread, I tried feeding them napkins but they weren't dumb enough for that! This monster of a bird would eat the bread right out of our hands! Sure I wished I had my 12 gauge but its all good! But then we ended the night going over to the 2nd councilor house and we brought them the left over brownies from our BBQ and sang I am a child of god with Pelsue and his comp and the sisters, we made there night. ha! But then we drove home doing our party boy dancing and called it a night. That's it people! Congrats Ty baby on the baptism! Git R done!

love:Elder Ginger

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