Trevors Homecoming

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Letter 83


This is gonna be a short and sweet one, I've been way busy that's why you didn't hear from me on Monday. But this last week has been good. I spoke at my first Funeral for Bro Price and it was weird but it went good. We have still been doing very well with our lawn care business and have been mowing lots of lawns for people. Yesterday was Transfers and Jones last time here in Snookivile. He will be greatly missed by his ginger! It was hard seeing him leave  but i wouldn't of traded doing this with one of my best friends for anything.......Not even a Beer! haha heyy oh. But shout out for Jones for finishing his mission strong! He did a tone for this mission and I will miss him. BUT soon enough the crew will be reunited and everything east and west of Cedar with be shot with our bows! haha love you guys! JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL! 

lOVE: Elder Smith 

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