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Monday, September 1, 2014

Letter 81

This week was another busy one. It all started last Monday after our party time going over to Diana's place our RC and mowing her lawn, and getting straight up raped by mosquitoes! They were alll up in this ginger! ha But she did feed us so that was a plus. Tuesday we went over to E Pelsues district meeting and he made it a little special for me and brought a youth bow he got at wally world for 20 bucks and we shot a little for accountability for last week. Ha and you already know I was the only one who hit the target! Getting my practice on for next year!!! After our meetings we spent the rest of the day teaching a few members and then we went back over to Diana's and trimmed up a few of her tree's in her front yard, were just opening up ourselves a Jesus yard work business here. Wed we were all over the place, we were teaching a bunch of people and then we ended the day with mowing another less active members grass and I was planting a bunch of flower's. Then we went over to the Jenks place and we ate some way good Brazilian food, we ate sooo much. Then we went to the church so a less active could talk to the bishop and we wrecked some teens in some B ball. Thursday we were doing a lot of Zone leader things we went and taught Ray and Brian who are on date for baptism on Sunday and after we had dinner with our ward mission leader and his wife at Buffalo wild wings! That was awesome. Then we had our Stake correlation and then we drove up to Elder Davenports area to spend the night there because we had a meeting in the morning. SLUMBER PARTY.  It was a good time we had our "pillow talk" till about 12 am and I passed the flip out! Then the next morning started with us playing some Tennis for exercising and me and D port worked nilssen and bennet. Then we went to our meeting which was another donkey show. We were there from 10 to 4 30. But we finally left that place and headed home and we stopped by Tongan and ate dinner with him back in the hood. Miss that place. But on Saturday we were teaching like always and then had a bbq which was was way good. And we got Ray and his sister there also. After that we had a meeting with our district leaders and then ended the night with Pelsue interviewing Brian and Ray for their baptism on Sunday. And they passed!!  So Sunday we had 2 baptism's. It was missionary day to in our ward so our mission president and all of his fam gave talks and then we had the baptism's. I dunked Ray and Nilssen dunked Brian. They were really excited. After I baptized Ray when we were walking out of the holy water he kept saying "im baptized guys im baptized" ha it was funny stuff. But that was my week people! Just dunkin left and right. Me and Nilssen are having fun and doing work! love you guys

Love:Elder Smith

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