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Monday, August 4, 2014

Snookie Swagg!!

Cedar swag!

This week has been a crazy one again.  Monday we picked up some new investigators, Gustavo and Areunda, they are from Brazil and they are way cool. They don't speak much english but they have a cool story of how they came to the U.S and its kinda sad cause they are struggling. But don't worry the Jesus crew will come to the rescue. Tuesday we had the whole zone meet up so we can hear the dying testimonies of 3 missionaries in our zone. 1 of them is a sister that came out with me! crazy. But after that I had elder Anding with me on exchange. We had some fun, we taught Paul a RC and he is doing much better. Its good to see him more happy now. AFter paul we saw a couple other members and talked to them about the Temple then our next appointment juked us so we had a 10 min chill session on the Beach. We drew a big ol ( in the sand, it was legit. But then we ended the night teaching Jonathan the guy we picked up last week. He enjoyed our lesson, it went good. then we ended the night eating the best Italian ice and ice cream ive ever had in my life. Wednesday not gonna lie dont really remember I don't have my planner soooooo were gonna skip that day and go too friday, thursday was just a bunch of cleaning and stuff. But on Friday we found 2 new investigators. One of them is named Diana, the missionaries in Florida called us and told us about her because she lived in our area. And these missionaries are in K loni's district so that was cool. But we went and taught her and she is solid. She excepted to be baptized right after our lesson. I dont know if its our looks or charm but we just have that effect on people haha. But after her we went and taught our swagger new investigators #3,4 its Ray and Shaneek, Ray is 9 and Shaneek 15 they are cool. We had a good little outside lesson about the Book of Mormon with them. Then for the crazy stories. Saturday was a complete Donkey show/ jerry springer show. We were alllll over the place. We went from being in our Jesus cloths to normal people cloths about 4 times. We helped a member move in the sisters area, and after that we went over to the England swag family, we ate lunch over there and then I received hard core revelation for what bike coral should buy because she just got her Motorcycle license and sure enough she bought it yesterday. Thank you Jesus! But then this is where it got sketchy. We got a call from a member who got REALLY bad Bed bugs! And we were the lucky ones who got to clean her house out! oh and by the way there is a chance we got bed bugs in our apartment cause i got the bites again! its flipping Irvington all over again! But after that we ended the night eating a big ol dinner at the Nuygen's family house then ended the night going over to the spanish elders area to do a baptism interview. The house we went too had soooo much alcohol alll over the kitchen table we were at. Then next thing you know we were all taking shots!.......HAHAHA JK JK.  But yesterday was cool, church went good there was a member from Minnesota their who is a Pilot so that was cool talking too him He might move here. But then the rest of the night was eating at a members house named the Neu's we had a fire and made smores for dessert it was legit! But that was my week people! love you guys 

Love: Carrie Underwoods #1 ginger/ fan

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