Trevors Homecoming

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Letter 80

Cedar city swagger, this week was another good one. Same ol stuff pretty much. This week was a week full of exchanges. Tuesday I was on exchange with a Mexican Elder Muro. He is awesome. We went and taught a RC. Had a really good lesson with him. He is struggling paying the bills and feels like he is has failed his family. So I just started telling him everything he has taught me and how good of a father he is and he started crying really hard, it was good tears though. After that we went over to the Klarins crib, we ate some good food and their little daughter's are way cute, they were all over my grill though, but it was cool just reminded me of all my lil punks back at home. But that was our day then, and after that Wed we were suppose to go on exchange with our new mish president and instead Jones and Nelson came along. It was fun stuff. We took them over and met Diana, she hooked us up with some food then we all taught her about the holy ghost. Then we went on splits and E cowboy Nelson came along with me and we had some fun, we went and taught a couple less actives and then we all 4 met back up and ate some way good Brazilian pancakes at the Jenks place. They are a awesome family. He is the clamor. But then we ended the night talking hunting of course and that was all she wrote for that. Then Thursday I went on exchange with Pelsue for his Year mark, we were poppin bottles!! Were brought him a little bubbly to the church of sparkling cider. ha that's about as crazy it gets in the Jesus world! But it went good we went and taught a few lesson then went over to England with coral and her awesome fam and burnt his shirt and ate chines food. Then Friday we were teaching all morning and then Friday night we threw a BBQ at the church and it was a good turn out. I got my winger cooking skills back on. I havent heard about anybody getting the shats soooo turned out good! :) BUT it was fun,I kinda jacked up my lower back being the winner in a one on one game with pelsue so Saturday I went and got myself a nice back rub by a member who works in a chiropractor office. She did great, I'm all fresh now! But Saturday there was a member from our church that passed away, and some members from Irvington came too it so it was awesome to see them all. Then we ended Saturday going and seeing Diana and after we taught her I tried my best to mow her lawn before it got dark but I just let Jesus take the wheel even after it was dark and today were gonna go fix the spots i missed haha. whooops! And i was in my Jesus cloths just to let you know. But Sunday I confirmed Diana and that went great then we were all over having dinner and teaching people and then today we got some stuff from a member and we went crabbing. It was sweet I got 1 with the net we had. It was having happy time with a female crab if you know what I'm sayin!!! haha yeeeehaaw! But that was it last week! love you guys! Congrats sissy on the Temple! Git r done!

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