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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Letter 79

What up!!

This week was a crazy one! Monday we held an English class with the teacher's E ginger And E Korean Nilssen. ha We taught our investigators Gustavo and Areunda, they are so cool. Then Tuesday was a donkey show and a half, it was zone meetings and me and nilssen were running alllll over the place to get everything ready. It went good though everybody had fun. And we even flipped over some tables and chairs! That's how we do things round here! After our meeting we went to a diner and wrecked some food. Then we went and taught a less active named paul. He is a cool guy. He is 54 but looks like he is 30, boy is in shape! But we had a good lesson with him. He wants the priesthood so were gonna work on that with him. Then we went and saw Diana to end the night. Brother Connor came with us and she hooked us up with some ice cream to start of the lesson which was fine by us. ha We taught her the Word of Wisdom and I was peein my pants a little cause I wasn't sure how she would take it but it went good.! Wed we were busy allll day! We had another lesson with Diana to make sure she makes her baptism date for sunday. After that lesson we went and taught my boy Ray and his brother about the gospel. We played some games with them to help them understand it. Ray is 9 years old and I have never met a kid that can pray like him. Then we saw a RC and then taught our investigator JL, and in this lesson was the hardest  I have every laughed in a lesson. I will tell you this story when I am home! I'll just say somebody farted in the lesson. haha it wasn't me just fyi. But then we went and ate dinner with the Jenk family and ate a bunch of chinies food, then we ended that day with a lesson with Jonathan. we taught 6 people that day! gingy was tired! Thursday we did some car cleaning and then started our walking day teaching a member about being more Christ like. ha At the end of the lesson we were asking her if she would say the closing prayer and she took her foot out of her shoe! And me and Nilssen just about whet boots up! her toe nails were sooooo long haha after that scary scene I just said the prayer and we bounced haha. After that we walked over to check up on a member and caught her smoking a cig ha she put that thing out so fast when she saw us haha. But we dont judge, she is still a awesome member. Then we went and got a drink at the local store and i got referred to ask Bradley Cooper agian. haha Then we taught some more of our Brazilian friends and called it a night. Friday we taught Diana the LOC and she fed us some way good food. And that night we went over too Gustavo's and Areudas place for dinner. It was way fun we had some way good Brazilian food and we brought some U.S.A swag and brought Root Beer Floats ha and Areunda isnt a fan of the pics of me and the elk I killed ha. But they they loved the root beer floats. Saturday was cool. We went down too the ocean on the dock i went fishing on and Luke Jenks was their clamming and showed us how it was done. He wants me to come back next year and do it with him. Everybody on the dock thought we were the FBI. haha Then after he wanted us to come too his house and we had a huge clam dinner it was way good. Then we taught a bunch of more people then ended the night Finishing up all the lesson's with Diana and she passed her interview too. So that lead us too Jesus day Sunday and Diana GOT DUNKED! ha She had a lot of family come too it was a good day. We went to her house after for pizza.  But that was the week. love you guys.  ohhh p.s on Monday we won the Softball tourney for all the missionaries in southern Jersey! GIT R DONE! 

Love : Elder Smith aka Bradley Cooper heyyy oh


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