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Monday, August 11, 2014

Letter 78


This week has been swagger! Monday we got to teach our Brazilian investigators english, that was fun. We hooked them up with some cookies and lemonade for our snackage and I hooked them up with some candy. But it went good, they are learning fast. We gave them a tour of the church after and they said they had a really good feeling being in their. JESUS!! HA But then Tuesday was Transfers, the morning started out going out to eat lunch before we left with a ysa kid named Alex. He took us too this ti place. The stuff I got was freaking SPICY! My eyes were all waterin up and all. But I made it so I'm good. But then we went to transfers and my new comp is ELDER KOREAN NILSSEN! He is one of my Koreans I had in my district a couple months ago! He is from St George. We get along just fine! But that was pretty much the whole day was getting stuff for the zone and driving home. Wed we went over to a place called Freehold where my homie G Elder Pelsue had his District meeting. He is in our ward with me so that's cool to see him again. But after district meeting we went out to eat and we have 2 brand new missionaries in the zone so I bought them both ice cream! I remember that day. Hated my life! ha But their good kids. After that we went back to our area and went and taught Diana. We taught her the plan of salvation. It went really good, she is getting baptized this coming Sunday. Thursday was fun, well except cleaning our crib but it looks MTV CRIB status now. But then we walked over and saw a member and taught her about Repentance, then we walked over to Ray and Shaneque's place and we taught them the Plan of salvation. We showed them these lil pics that help them see it visually and then I bought some chalk and we drew out the plan on the sidewalk in front of their apartment building. It was sweet! After that our ward mission leader took us out to eat at a dinner with his wife then we showed them our drawing after dinner, then we called it a night! Friday we were helping people move all morning and after we took a ysa girl who just moved here from England over to Corals house for lunch. It was fun me and Nilssen were talkin in our England accent! ha After that we went and taught Josephine the RC and after that we went and saw Jackie our investigator who was suppose to be baptized yesterday but her health is shutting down hard core. It was crazy though when we first got to the hospital we were waiting to ask the lady behind the desk where Jackie was and then this lady came in guns hot behind us and asked if they had a wheel chair for her husband because he was having a heart attack! So I ran out there with her and lifted her husband into the wheelchair. But after that we saw Jackie and got her back on baptism date for September. Oh the sweet thing was one of the nurses showed us this little refreshment room in the hospital and she said we can have whatever! Me and Nilssen about peed! There was apple juice and milk and all sorts of stuff.Sooooo we went too town and loaded Nilssens man purse up with juice and milk! ha Jesus took the wheel! But Saturday we just drove to Morristown for our meeting with Jones and President and his family. It was fun. Then we got home and met Diana's family that seems really interested then we had our meeting with Elder Pelsue and Nelson our District leaders. Sunday we had 4 investigators show up, so that was cool. After that we just planned our zone meeting and then had dinner at the Basset families house who recently moved here from Florida. They are a cool family. And one of the boys is a ginger so were homies haha. But that's my week people love you! 

Love:Elder ginger Smith 

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