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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Swaggin it up with Elder Reeves Letter #32

Hey Fam!
This week was something else! God for sure tested my patience this week. And it all started on Sept 11. Yep go figure. But this story doesn't do the justice over email so when i get home i will replay it for you... but what happened was we were at the church talking to our branch mission leader about the branch and after we headed home to go eat dinner. While we were walking home there was this white trash white dude sitting on the bench waiting for the bus. He had tats all over his body and he looked like your basic clown. Well i could tell he was staring at us the whole time as we walked closer to him, and as we got closer he called us over and asked if we had a pamphlet or something for our church so i gave him one and this is where it all started. So as i gave him it to him, he stood up and got upset and said do you know who i am and looked at E. Reeves and he said no. And he said some dumb name i cant remember as if we were suppose to be scarred. So then he looked at me and said im going to shut all you F^*(&* down! This is where this red heads Testo went up a little. And i said oh ya and how you gonna do that! then he kept saying what we teach is a bunch of shiz and were frauds and he is going to take us to court. So i told him good luck with that one. He then moved on to the card i gave him which has a picture of Jesus on it when he came to the Americas and he pointed at it and said this guy right here is a Faggot! this is where i was about to punch this dude in the face! He then asked me again if i knew who he was and i told him NO and i don't care who you are! Then what was going through my head was to just testify to him then leave cause it wasn't going anywhere! So he kept saying all this garbage which was just making me more mad then he called Elder Reeves a A** hole so i grabbed Reeves and said lets go. After i told the guy he was a child of god and he didn't like that. So as we were walking away he continued to yell at us so i had enough so i stopped turned around and told him i was not afraid of him as i laughed at him. He didn't like that very much so he kept freaking out so i turned around for the last time and said "HAVE FUN IN HELL" And we left..........ohhhhhhh man i was mad! We just went home and i sat in our study room for a good 30 min and calmed myself down. But that was the patience test i got this week but on the Jesus note we had a good week this week. Got 2 new investigators Arron And his mom Suzette. she is cool. And i officially got to touch a Yellow Lamborghini! there is a Ferrari shop by Suzette and Arron's house so we went in there and i just about soiled myself with all these cars in there. I've decided I'm going to have a Lambo one day just to let you all know! haha But as for Sara she is doing good and should be getting Baptized this Sunday if all goes well. Her and her son came to church yesterday and during Sacrament her kid was EVERYWHERE! So i felt bad for her cause she literally didn't go to sleep the night before because of work so i took him outside and watched him for the last 45 min of Sacrament so she could stay in there. And let me tell you that little boy is a Terrorist! But he is a funny kid. he is a little over 1 and a half years old. I gave him my keys to keep him busy and he tried shoving them into a light socket hahaha but don't worry nothing happened. And on top of that i took him in the bathroom to dry my suit off cause he got it wet from the drinking fountain and the little punk put his hand in the urinal haha devil child! But we did meet some people yesterday walking to a members house who just moved here from Utah last week so that was cool. But that was about it for this week. Me And Elder Reeves are still Cedar City Swaggin it up! love you guys Cedar City team is out!!
Love:Elder Smith

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