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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Fishin' on PDay! Letter #33

Whats up Fam, 
This week went good. On p day i decided to find someone with a fishing pole since we cant afford that stuff cause we BROKE! But we went down to the Port which is a part of the edge of NJ and me and Reeves fished, it was freaking awesome to just sit and fish! sure we didn't catch jack but it was fun. Reeves only got to do 4 cast then he lost his rooster tail haha then he just watched me for the rest of the time. But on Tuesday i went on a exchange back over to Irvington and Maplewood. It was fun to see some of the members. And i did meet one of there investigators over there that got dunked on Thursday and when i saw him he looked way familiar and we ended up figuring it out that me and chocolate contacted him when we were together and me and Tongan use to say hi to him all the time walking by his house so that was cool. Also Me and e.Penrod contacted a bunch of these black people on this porch, they called us over and have seen us walking around every since they were little so they wanted to know what we were about, they were cool. And keep in mind they were all drinking out of a fifth of a vodka bottle and this one dude was rolling a HUGE joint! but one of the guys that was there was super drunk and high and after a while of talking to them, the girl that was there asked us if we always had to dress up everyday and i told her yes. Then she said i looked like a undercover agent and asked if i was one hahaaha so then i put a serious face on and  stepped towards them and said "actually i am and you are all under arrest!" hahaha the dude that was way drunk almost pooped himself!! I wish you could of seen his face. But then i just laughed and said i was just messin' and shook his hand. haha it was funny! they all busted up, Oh i did get to see my boy Akoto, the one who has no legs and who is on Dialysis, he was sooo excited to see me he started running in place on his wheelchair haha. But also this week Sara didn't get baptized but she is still workin' hard so she should get dunked next week. Just needs to work on some things. But other then that i got a little sick with the cold this week but im good! And today were going fishing again so wish us luck! ill try and take some pics for ya its a pretty cool place! sure its not like Lake Powell but ill take it!!!!! love you guys MORMON SWAG!

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