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Monday, September 9, 2013

Letter 31 Cedar City "Swagg"

Hi Fam

This week was a busy week! Me and E. Reeves aka the Cedar City Swag Team! were 
in deep need of some new investigators. So, we did what they call in missionary 
term " hit the pavement" which means we go knock doors and talk to people on the 
street to find new investigators. We met some crazy people let me just tell you 
about some of them! ha So, our first day knocking doors we made a game plan on 
heading towards some less actives members and knocking doors around them to fill 
time. So we headed over to this area which is filled with a bunch of Haitian 
people. No one would answer the door then finally our last door we knocked on, a 
black guy answered the door with his eyes closed! I don’t know if he was 
hungover or if we just woke him up!! But the whole time we talked to him, his 
eyes were closed, the whole time!! ha ha Maybe he had a bit to much of the beer! 
But the next day we did the same thing but we went in a nicer area, but before 
we headed there we first had to make a pit stop at the church because we were 
out of toilet paper!!! haha yep life as a missionary! Sooo on the way to the 
church we walked passed this black girl who, no offense, but she looked like a 
stripper!! im just sayin! But she pretty much had no clothes on but as we walked 
by she said "you guys look really nice, I like your ties" so we laughed and said 
thanks and kept walking, well about 3 seconds later she said "you look like my 
boy friend." so we turned around and said who? And she said you the red head! 
haha so i laughed and thought to myself… if her boy friend was black or white? 
cause if he was black, I would of love to meet this black guy with red hair!! so 
we walked up to her and started talking to her and i told her what we do, and 
she wanted to learn more so we got her info and were going to go try her this 
week! lets hope i don't get raped! ha But about 2 blocks after that a guy 
stopped us and asked if we were the Elders. And we said ya and started talking 
to him and i guess he studies religions and knew a lot about us and respected 
us, he was so pumped to see us. He wanted a pic, so me and him took a pic 
together. Yep no big deal were just famous out here in snookiville! Well after 
that we made our pit stop. Then kept heading towards some less actives and 
knocked doors. We did get the classic door slammed in our face by 2 ladies who 
were Born Agains. I don't have a clue of what these clowns believe in but she 
answered the door by saying " WHAT DO YOU WANT" and poor Elder Reeves said were 
here to share a message about Jesus Christ and she said she already knew the 
message! Then slammed the door in our face! Sooo looks like were going to see 
her at Judgment day haha! Right after that i walked up to these 2 girls sitting 
on their porch and one was drinking a beer and she thought she was sneaky! When 
i walked up she hid it behind her back, but i talked to them about what we do 
and the one without the beer had been taught by missionaries before but didn't 
believe in the 3 kingdoms in heaven, so i asked if we could come back and help 
her better understand it but she said no. So i shook her hand and told her to 
have a good night and when i went to the girl with the beer to shake her hand, 
she had to switch hands so she could shake my hand and as i laughed and shook 
her hand and told her that she didn't need to hide her beer from me, then they 
just started busting up! haha  But the night ended good when we finally reached 
the less actives house we knocked on the door and they welcomed us right in. It 
was a husband and wife and they haven't been to church in 10 years, and only 
went for a year. But we just talked to them and got to know them. They work in 
NY and have 2 daughtors. And as we were talking the wife she saw the holes in 
the bottom of my shoes and asked if we walked a lot? soooo I milked it just a 
little and said ya we do and how we hardly eat good soooooooooo they gave us 
food and said to come back whenever for some more haha nice people they were 
really nice, me and E, Reeves are committed to getting them back to church. But 
we did get a big change in our branch yesterday. Were combining with the Spanish 
ward to help build our English branch up and have more support. That will help 
us a lot! But that was this week love you guys!

Love:your favorite person in the whole freaking world Elder Smith

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  1. Elder Smith sounds like he is doing what he is supposed to be doing. Very interesting to hear about missionary work from an Elder.
    What a great youg man he is turning out to be, he was great before, but I can see a polishing here, adn it is wonderful. Tracey and Kelly, you did good!