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Monday, September 30, 2013

1st Baptism Congrats to SarahLee!!! Awesome week #34

Well this was a awesome week!! Yes everyone was back home killing deer!! But as for me i saved a girls salvation so BOOOO YA! Ha Yep, Sarahlee got dunked yesterday by this ginger! It was a cool experience! Sure i was a lil nervous; thought i was gonna soil myself a little but it went well! it was a really good baptism, our president came and a missionary i live with E. Platt gave a talk on baptism it was really good! Sooooo Shout out to Sarahleee!!!! CONGRATS!! But other then that this week was more door knocking! Were still really low on investigators so were trying to find some new people! So we went down to the port and knocked some of the nicer homes down there and idk if these people that lived here have never seen white people with red hair or what but about 4 out of the 6 doors that answered every time the person opened there door there faces were priceless haha looked like they just saw Micheal Jackson or something! ha But we did find some good new potential investigators so that's good. We also just started working with a less active family that just moved down to Elizabeth from Maplewood and they are awesome! their the Akanni family and their from Africa....And yes i got to eat that spicy nose watering food again!! They have 4 girls and 1 boy! i would shoot myself! :) But there good kids. We were over there on Saturday and they made us white rice with this soup stuff over the top of it with chicken! And let me tell you something! these African people dont have any taste buds or feeling in there mouth cause i asked if it was spicy and she said not really and by the time my ginger bum was done eating it my lips were bright red and my nose was running into my food haha! they were laughing cause i couldn't handle it!! oh and we also went into a Catholic church on Saturday, its huge and let me tell you,that place looked cool in there but it was freaky i got the flip out of there after 5min of standing in the back, haha !! But other then all of that we had a good week. love you guys!!
Love: E. Ginger smith

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  1. Good for you Trevor, your first baptism, that is wonderful, keep up the good work.