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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Letter 30

This week was a crazy one! My comp E Marshall was doing his departing trips. So,
I’ve been on exchanges for 2 days. On Wednesday I was on an exchange with
another ginger but of course, not even close to being as good looking as me!
haha his name is E. Wettstine he is 26 but he looks 12. Anyways, he is a Spanish
speaking missionary so in the morning we went to the church for him to do his
language studies, with the other Spanish missionaries in the area. 2 of them are
sisters and bless there hearts they brought me peanut butter and apples! They
had the Peter Pan peanut butter, I don't know if you have every had it but I
recommend not eating it because I almost soiled my undies! Of course after
getting about 4 blocks from the church!!! Soooooooo we had to make our way home
and very fast, but don't worry mother I made it home haha!
On Thursday we went to a baptism for the Spanish missionaries her name was Kathy
and she invited us to go....sure I couldn't understand a flipping thing but it
went good.Then on Saturday we were at the park where we go play sports with some
members and investigators and all the girls that came wanted me to show them
some workouts. I had all 8 of them lined up around me and I was their personal
trainer for the was legit. I was screaming at them just like the
workout videos you see! haha people were staring at me and stuff but its all
good, they all said they were way sore the next day haha! But, we did see Sara
this week and she is doing awesome. We set her to get baptized for the 22nd of
this month, and she wants me to dunk her.... she is doing good! But other then
that I'm just waiting for the news of who my new companion is…. lets hope he
isn't a clown! But that's it for this week love you guys!

Love: Elder Smith 

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