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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Letter 90


This week has been a crazy one!! I will start on Monday night, it was full of packing and getting all my garbage together. We had Pelsue and his sonny boy with us helping me back. So around 10 rolled around we decided to have a celebration for E Nilssen hitting his year and a half mark and mine which was a while ago but we do it by burning a old pair of slacks. So we did, and well long story short it was all lollipops and gummy bears till someone called 911 on us and the fire department showed up along with 2 cops hahaha it was the biggest donkey show i have ever seen. When the fire crew got there the pants were completely out and the one firefighter just sprayed it with water then they left. haha We went over to the one cop and started talkin with him and he said some people in jersey are stupid. So they just said have a goodnight basically and left. But we took some good pics.ha Tuesday was the day i got my son, Elder Reese. He is from Joseph Utah which is right by Richfield. He has a bit of redneck in him which is perfect. He is a good kid. But Tuesday was also the day i had to say my goodbyes to Tongan. It was sad seeing him go but i wouldn't of traded any of the good times and things we went through for anything. BUT soon enough we will be reunited tippin back some root beer at hooters hahaha jk jk jk. But me and Reese got doubled into Paterson. Which is the hood. Im excited this place is cool. Its hard getting doubled in cause you dont have a clue of whats going on but we have been workin hard on finding out all about our area. Our first night we just walked in and we went out and taught a RC. He lives in the heart of the hood. Reese was peeing his pants a bit but he did well to hide it. ha The whole time all we could smell was Weed! haha Reese had a lesson of Jesus and what weed smells like! haha On Halloween we had to be in at 6 so we made us a lil fire in our fire pit we have next to our house which by the way is huge! its awesome! And we already have a family here that is hooking us up. Its the Valdez family. She is the missionary mom here for sure. We have a bit of a cold going on so she pulled up to our crib with allllll sorts of drugs! We have sleeping meds like you wouldn't believe. Me and Reese have been ending each night with a shot of NyQuil and callin it quits ha. But that's about it this week people! Its fun training and its cool to see Elder Reese learn and grow! It is weird cause it takes me back to the Chocolate days! ha love you!



This week i Lost my red headed companion..cried myself when we split! Got a new comp, 

had to do a big training at a new leadership training and celebrated Halloween missionary style. Had to be in at 6:00 at night.. missionary curfew! 

Soo we got our missionary costume game on, got some chili, and president let us watch the best 2 years! Plus gettin fat on candy :) 

Was a GOOOOOD week, love you! 

You are the GOAT

(greatest of all time)

Elder Patrick Nilssen 

so this week was fun and sad at the same time. so on Tuesday I made shirts for 5 of us to wear and they said get C-wole  on them for elder Makai and we had one for him and for his final testimony we stood up and dropped our suit jackets. and turned around so he could see it then I walked his shirt up to him and gave it to him. it was fun and I was glad to do it for him. I love that kid. and we also had a wrestling match this past week as well and I got to confirm a members son. and to finish it off I benched 185 today get swole  :)
love, Elder Pelsue

Well whats good!!!! I hope that this email finds you all happy with the week that you just had that your happy and safe! Everything with me has been going pretty good and I had to go and say bye to all my favorite people over in Ledgwood and had to start in a brand new area. But now I am serving over in JC aka Jersey City!!!! And its a pretty sweet area. We live right by New York and we can see it all the time its pretty sweet. But here is my new address to my house.

170 Bowers St 2nd floor

Jersey City, NJ 07306

So you know feel free to send me some stuff or letters whatever works you know haha. But this new place is pretty sweet, There are so many people to go and talk to and just people from all over the world. There is not a ton of normal people a ton of crazy people but its okay we have fun with them and we will get a ton of crazy stories from it. So we live in Jersey City, But we also cover Hoboken. Which is a super nice area with a ton of rich people and super nice apartment's. We even have Eli Manning lives in Hoboken. We have his address so were going to see if we can pay him a visit this week sometime haha. Buts its cool a lot of rich people who all work in the city.

My companions name is Elder Woodward from St George. He is a pretty cool Elder. He has been on his mission for about 3 months now. And he was trained by Elder Welburn. So this is the 2nd time following Elder Welburn after he trained, Elder Pluim and now Woodward. He is a redneck, loves the outdoors and hunting and all that stuff. That's what he talks about most of the time. But we get along pretty good right now so that's awesome.

Our area has a ton of people from all over the world. Most of our investigators right now are from China. You know how I do with that haha. But there cool they don't even believe in god or anything so you have to teach them super simple kind of like a little kid, But it does help your teaching a ton. And we have some project buildings that we have a ton of investigators and potentials there. Its pretty sketchy buildings and the elevators are the worst ever I feel like its going to break and we will be stuck in them forever they smell like pee and smoke its great gotta love the cites haha.

For the 30th and the 31st we had to go home and be inside at 6. So I got a lot of extra rest and sleep those days so that was a good day haha. But now that I am walking I am tired all the time we walk probably around 8-10 miles everyday something like that. And now with the time change it gets dark so early haha. But I do like walking its fun and we get to take a ton of cool pictures its sweet. The ward is pretty cool as well. The people love missionaries and want to fed us and help us with teaching.

Well that's all for the week. I am enjoying my time here in Jersey City. I am excited to see how its going to go. Weird to think this is my last stop in Jersey. But I like it a lot and its been fun, We have 8 missionaries in our ward as well so we all have a ton of fun. I miss you all and I hope that you have a great week. I love you!

Love Elder Davenport  

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