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Monday, November 24, 2014

Letter 93


This week was a crazy one! E Reese had the flu so we were inside for a good 4 days. I have never watched so many Jesus movies in my life! Some I watched twice cause I didn't know what to do with myself. We were inside all day Tuesday and then on Wednesday Reese said he was feeling better and we had a meeting in Morristown so we headed down there and everything was all lolly pops and gummy bears until the end of our meeting and he rushed to the pot and yacked! Poor kid, so we headed home after taking some huntin pics with E Garfield. He reminds me a lot of Kelton. But then the rest of the night Reese got rest and I switched with some other missionaries to go out and teach for a bit. Thursday we were inside all day long again, and Friday I switched again with Elder Davis, so me and him went out and did some lawn care service for a member. Plus side is they fed us and I helped her make lunch. Then we came home and Reese was doing a lot better so we waited it out to see if he would yack again and if not we were back at it the next day. And sure enough he was fine Saturday. Saturday me and Reese drove allllll over the place trying people from the ward list that we didn't know. And it was just one of those days where nothing was going right then Mamma Keisha came to the Rescue who is a member, she called us and invited us over for dinner! We were flipping pumped! After dinner we gave her little boy a blessing cause he wasn't feeling to hot. Sunday I had to give a talk on member missionary work. The talk went awesome. I was still peeing my pants waiting for my turn but it went awesome! I even got emotional,,,sssshhhh don't tell!! Then the rest of the night was going to different appointments and figuring out our plans for Turkey day. Its gonna be fun! I'm gonna make Pistachio pie for these east coasters! Lets hope I don't mess this up!! love you all!

Love:Elder Ginger

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