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Monday, November 17, 2014

Letter 92

This week was another good one. Jesus took the wheel once again and we got fed like kings over here. Me and Reese have been teaching a lot and knockin doors tryin to find some more people to teach. We have ran into a few Jerry Springer dill weeds but its okay. We did see a guy the other day who was all decked out in camo cause he just got back from a deer hunt and i about peed when i saw him. So we went over and talked to him and tried to help him unload some hunting stuff out of his truck but he wasn’t about it. But he did give me his e mail and wants to go on a elk hunt in Utah. Looks like we need to open us up a guiding company. But Tuesday we had zone meeting and since i got released from that i was looking forward to just sittin back and chillin but i got a call Thursday and they wanted me and another missionary in the zone Elder Davis to give a training on Finding the One. ha I told them i was retired but i did it anyways. It was fun though it went good. We have been teaching the Collin fam the one with 5 girls, we have been having good lessons with them. There are a few issues were trying to help them with but hopefully the rest of the family will be getting baptized before i leave. One Friday i was on exchange with one of the ZL's elder Warnock, we had a fun time. We taught this Pilipino guy who is a member and we could barley understand him cause he has a heavy accent but we were laughing so hard in the lesson cause we literally could barley understand him so we just would keep sayin ummm ya for sure, like what i do when i cant hear you talking to me so i just agree! #deafginger! Anyway Saturday we drove to short hills for a meeting and a good ol game of ultimate Frisbee. I got to see the Nuzman family from Irvington and that was awesome to see them. But these people in Short Hills are not messing around when it comes to Frisbee, there was a few swagger catches made and slides and i ended up with a nice turf field burn on my knee. It was worth it though. But we also did some service for the lady we helped last week, and Sunday was a donkey show and a half. Reese woke up not feeling to hot, he had a fever so i gave him a Ibuprofen 800 to kill it down and he felt fine so we went too our meetings and then church started and he got up in the middle and ran to the bathroom and yacked. So i sent him home with another missionary cause we had to teach classes. So i got to help teach Gospel Principles and then i taught in Priesthood on Prayer. It went awesome. Then we ended the night teaching a lot of lessons and eating a lot! Thats my week people! Love you all!
Love: Trevi

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