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Friday, November 14, 2014

Letter 91

Fam what up!

This week was another Jesus success, we did a lot of service this week for a older lady. We did yard work and I was the Mower guy. It was nice as usual getting out of the Jesus attire and mowin. So we helped her with that and we did a lot of teaching this week. Our donkey show story for the week was we went to give a blessing to a lady in a nursing home. And she was a wee bit on some drugs and would keep leaning forward without her knowing to the point where her face was about to hit her knees. Well she wanted a blessing so during the whole blessing she kept falling down closer and closer to her knees haha so we had to keep leaning farther and farther to keep our hands on her head haha Jerry Springer show times 4! But Elder Reese is doing awesome. He is learning fast. Its fun to see him grow everyday from building confidence in his teaching. We have been teaching a awesome family who the 2 daughters were baptized right before we got here and they were confirmed yesterday. They are funny, a single mom with 5 girls! can we say hello to the Esto!! haha But we went out huntin for Less actives with a member that grew up here. He is cool but he was a bit nervous walkin in the part of the hood we were in. ha I felt like I almost had to hold his hand and tell him Jesus will take the wheel! Oh and another cool thing is this week we went to go see this kid that just recently was baptized almost a year ago and when he walked out the door to welcome us in I thought he looked way familiar. And I introduced myself and he said ya I remember you, you interviewed me! And right when he said that it alllll came back to me. I interviewed him for his Baptism it was so cool to see him and teach him. But Yesterday was a good way to end our week we ended it by eating some killer burgers on top of dinner round 2! yeeehaw! Love you all! 

Love:Elder Smith

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