Trevors Homecoming

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Letter # 73 Only 199 days left till Trevi comes home!!!!

What up!
This week has been crazy! Monday i went to the Beach for the first time with some Investigators from England. It was awesome! Except i was working on my Virtue the whole time! IF YOU KNOW WHAT IM SAYIN!!! HA But then Tuesday we went and attended Elder Andings District meeting which went good. And for the rest of the night we helped a single mom move with some of the sister missionaries in our ward. The lady we helped was soo overwhelmed by our help she didn't even know what to say. She started crying. Wednesday we went and saw Josephine and brother Price and taught them about being balanced in life, and then we went over to some investigators house. Their names were the Santiago family, and right when this chick opened her door she started flipping out. I guess the missionaries before wouldn't go visit her in the hospital or something, but then she shut her hole and let us in. They were way cool. They asked me if my hair was naturally Red hahaha everyone asked me that out here.! But then we ended the night teaching this India lady who was pretty crazy, but she was nice! Thursday we had a Mission leader council where all the Zone leaders meet with the New President and the Assistants. Our new mission president is President Taggart. He is pretty cool, he has that new missionary steroids energy going on ha. But the meeting went good, after we drove back home which took forever and then taught this crazy bible guy named Doug. He was a little on the buzzed side ha. Friday was pretty awesome. Not gonna lie i hate it out here on the 4th. I think about everything all of you guys and the AZ fam are doing all day. But it was pretty fun out here. We didn't teach much, we had a meeting with the District leaders in our zone, and then that night we headed to a members house who lived on the 9th floor of this apartment building right on the beach and watched fireworks. We had the whole zone their and we brought the Wasserman family with us. The England people. They are swagger! Ill send ya pics of that night. Saturday we had even more meetings in the morning and then we went over to a Less Actives who lived in this basement right on the beach. He was a bit on the flippin crazy side, he just vented too us the whole time but that wouldn't be the first time that has happened to me on the mish. Then that night we went over to a members house for dinner. And this lady has about 10 birds of all different kinds! She took me in the room they all stay in, and she brought me to this big ol flipping thing and said. "this one loves the missionaries, hold your arm out and she will climb on you." So i peed a little but put my arm out and this bird climbed right on this ginger! It was pretty sweet! Then that night we ate at the Wassermans house. The husband Alex is a way good cook. He made us Burgers and Steak! I about died when i saw all the food. Then yesterday was a good day. I confirmed Josephine in sacrament. And Coral Wasserman our investigator came. So that was cool to see her come. I had to explain to her all about fast and testimony meeting, and i had to give her some pointers on how to make it through 3 hours of church. ha Cause we allll know i struggled with that! But that was my week people! love ya! Git R done!

Love: Cabin boy, Elder Smith

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