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Monday, July 28, 2014

Letter #76 "Jesus Take The Wheel!"


This week was good, Tuesday we went to Elder Andings district meeting which went good. Then we hammered down on some ci ci's pizza buffet. After That we taught a RC and then went and saw the Santiago family with a member to teach them about the Gospel. And we set up the daughter's boy friend on date for baptism on the 10th, that kid is way ready. Wed was cool, we went over and saw a Recent Convert that Ramos baptized that has been struggling really bad last couple weeks. But when we saw him he looked a lot different. He was a lot more happy. So we sat down and he said " remember that little twig of Faith, well it flipping worked!" haha it was cool to see how we helped him keep strong through his hard time. But then we went and saw some investigators by our house and for the first flipping 20 min they talked about a cat they had and told us all sorts of stories about it. haha Thursday was legit. We had a meeting with E Jones and E Nelson and after we went too Pizza hut for the Buffet! don't judge! And this lady paid for all of us! it was legit the bill was like 72 bucks and she picked it up for us and left so we didn't even know till we were leavin. Jesus took the wheel. That lady for sure bought some brownie points with the big man. But after that we had the whole donkey show thing happen at the Dentist, then we came home and then we went over and taught Mendez and Christina our investigators. And when we got their they said they had friends that live right next to them that are coming over because they want to learn more about us. So they came over and they are all from Brazil by the way. And Ramos speaks Portuguese so they were just going nuts speakin that language. I was just chillin. ha But they are all solid! Friday we went over to my chocolate mans house Mr Herbert. He is the 85 year old guy, his house is freaking hotter then the hubs of hell every time! ha its hard for me to focus in their from dying of heat. But our lesson went good with him, and after that we went over and taught another investigator and ended the night eating dinner with a family and then we went and taught Selso. He is the boy friend of the investigator that is solid. We were talking with him and we asked him last time we were their to pray about what we taught him to see if it was true. And so we were asking him how it went and he said " hey you know how you told me to pray, well i did it and i felt the TINGLY!" HAHA Jesus took the wheel round 2! so he is for sure getting baptized soon. Saturday we had interviews with our new Mish president and his wife. They are legit. Then our ward had a big ol Picnic which was legit. Lots of food and a lot of investigators showed up and we had a big ol basketball game.After all of that we went and helped a member move and then came home and changed and went and gave a blessing to a member that had a seizure. she is doing a lot better. And then we ended the night going down by the beach and teaching Luke Jenks a way cool LA who is the clamer. And he hooked us up with pizza. Sunday was good, we taught Priesthood and then the Sisters had a baptism. We sang Jesus take the wheel at the baptism........hahaha jk jk we sang i feel my saviors love. WE killed it. After we ate some good food, then we went and taught a couple lessons with investigators and members. That was about it people! love you

Love:Elder Smith

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