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Monday, July 21, 2014

Letter 75

Waz up!

This week was legit! Monday was fishing on the ocean,and that night teaching some fun lessons. We taught a young couple that are way cool. Mendez and Christina. They are from Brazil, they are really prepared! Then after we went and taught a former investigator that the missionaries here use to teach. Her name is Dupe, she is way cool. But our lesson was on how Jesus is White not black hahaha! It was funny! Went good though! Tuesday we had a district meeting by Elder Nelson, and we played Ping Pong for some role plays. Me and Ramos wrecked it! CANT TOUCH THIS!! After D meeting we went and ate sushi which was pretty good. Then it started raining like crazy! But that didn't stop us. We went and saw some investigators and Josephine the Recent Convert. And the England swag family. Wednesday I went on exchange in Mexican vile with Elder Nelson one of our district leaders in the zone. We had fun, he must know me too well already cause he packed up some tuna sandwiches for us for when we needed snack time haha. But I mainly just sat there in the lessons but I did read a few things in Spanish in the scriptures, I told all the people we were teaching they couldn't make fun of me when I read. But we taught a lot and had a good time it was fun. Thursday was busy. It was our walking day but we got rides for the whole day so that was nice. We went over to the Santiago families house who are on date to get dunked next month. Bro Connor came with us to teach them. We taught the Plan of Salvation. The daughter had her Hubby Lubby boy friend over and he sat in too. After Bro Connor hooked us up with Some Burger King which was swagger! Then we went over and taught Mendez and Christina again. After we taught them we were outside waiting for another member to pick us up and this crazy black guy who was in the navy and marines pulled up and said "lets talk about god" haha it was kinda creepy. But we went and talked to him and he was nuts. Something was wrong with him but we weren't sure what it was. So I sat in his nice Chevy and started talking to him and he pulled a bottle of Vodka out from behind my seat and started chuggin away haha. Sooo then we found out why he was being crazy! Then he lit up a cigarette and started puffin away and then our member came to our rescue and we left. ha we went and gave a blessing then on our way back we listened to his cute little baby boy scream at the top of his lungs the whole way home. Good thing Ramos was in the back with him haha.... But now for the moment we HAVE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR. Friday ELDER JONES CAME ON EXCHANGE WITH US!! Best day of my flipping life! We had so much fun, we went and ate some Applebees and went and taught a bunch of people. It was kind of weird teaching with my boy from CC but it was cool. We taught this one old man in the hospital and he loved talking about his time in Vegas, me and Jones were dying! Then we ended the night talking about hunting and alll that good stuff till 1 am. It was fun though. Then you already know we got our swole on at 6:30 a.m! But then we went to our Meeting with the ward mission leader and took Jones back with his comp! it was a depressing time for the both of us but we will do it again. Jones is an awesome teacher, its crazy he is almost done.. After that I went and got my teeth checked and I got 4 cavities :/ whoops! ha so I'll be getting my grill fixed this week. Then we had a interesting rest of the day with trying our new Contacting technique with setting up a Mormon swag stand on the beach. haha it didn't work very well. There was NO ONE on the beach, literally 15 peeps at the max. But I did give a bunch of stuff to this nice black lady and her family. Then a member showed up out of no where and hooked us up with watermelon! Then we ended the night eating dinner at the members house with the big ol birds. And right when we sat down to eat I had the bird on my shoulder and it was acting funny and kept getting off my should then back on then BAM out of no where it took a big ol dump right next too my plate of food! ha Jesus took the wheel on that one almost ruined my pork chop! I would of been pissed! Then yesterday was just as busy, we gave 2 blessings right after church. The first one we gave was to a investigator of the sisters who O.D on some crazy drug that their not sure was it is. Then we finished the night eating dinner with some members and going to visit less actives! Good week love you guys!

Love:Elder Ginger Smith 

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