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Monday, July 14, 2014

Letter # 74, So much in this post!!! AWESOME TIMES!!!


This week was a busy one! We will start on Tuesday. The day started off with me drinking enough pre-workout to put down a elephant and ended up feeling like i could run a marathon for 8 hours but its okay i got over it. But we had our Zone Training, which is me and Ramos gave a training in front of our zone. It went real good. After we spent the rest of the day teaching as usual. We did go teach this less active guy who has some freakin crazy stories, he wouldn't shut his hole either, and these stories were a bit too much! ha But after we soaked all that stuff in; we headed home. Wed was awesome. First crazy thing which happened was we went over to some investigators house. And they invited us right in, when we walked into the living room they had a Porno going on the t.v and pics of naked chicas EVERYWHERE! haha it was hard to focus! ha But after them we went over to try some people the sisters taught and we ran into this girl named Heather, and she asked us a few questions and then we ended up sitting down and teaching her. i sat next too her and i could see the bruise marks from her shoving needles into her arm and the rubber band that rapped around it. Chick was on some hard core drugs! She was nice though. Were gonna see her again this week. After that we visited a investigator who got put in the hospital. We had a good lesson with her about her life and baptism. She set herself up to get dunked next month. Then the rest of the night included Elder Ramos crazy driving skills and him getting called a A-hole and flipped off due too it! haha I laughed pretty hard! Thursday we went over and taught this way cool member who is less active. His name is Luke. He is a clamor, his wife is from Brazil and they ended up being separated for 6 years because she could get back into the US. Its a crazy story. But he is way nice. He hooked us up with a cool spot on a big private dock on the ocean too fish. Friday was fun, we had a meeting with the new mission president and his family. Before it started we had a breakfast party with Elder Jones and E Neilson. It was fun. it even got a little wild and we found a bottle of sparkling cyder and started poppin bottles! ha After the meeting we went out and taught a few investigators and then had dinner with a family named the Evensons. They are way cool. They are a younger couple and he is some kind of cop. And he just got into golf. And he wanted to take me out and have me teach him a bit. I said i was DOWN! Saturday was way busy. we were teaching left and right. we started off teaching a member who just complains every time we go over. He just likes to vent. Then we the guy with all the stories again and then had some good dinner and the ladies house with the huge birds. I guess on of them almost bit her finger off last week and she had to go to the hospital. Sooooooooo i didn't hold any of them this time haha. After that we went over to where the druggies live. And taught a guy named George who was really upset. His wife just got put into the hospital about 30 min before we got their and he needed some uplifting so we helped him out. Yesterday was busy too. We taught the youth which is my favorite. And after we went over to a RC of Ramos and he was going through a way hard time. It was sad he has been fighting with his wife and daughter, and a whole bunch of other stuff. He started crying and stuff. So we read some scriptures with him and helped him out. But that was pretty much the week people. We taught 26 lessons this week. Crazy busy! But today i fished on the ocean. Didn't catch nothin but it was still fun. Love you guys! 

Love:Elder Smith 

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