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Monday, April 28, 2014

Letter 64

Yo yo yo!

Whats up fam, this week was another success in the Jesus work. Tuesday was District Meeting and I trained on the Spirit, and how our investigators need to have it when we teach. It went fan flipping tastic. Then we met a less active at the park. To get to know her, we played soccer and basketball with her little boy. He got excited when I would hold him up to the hoop so he could dunk it. ha Wednesday morning we went on a hike with Maggie a investigator, we went to the same place but went on a longer hike. We were more prepared this time, not wearing our Jesus attire. ha But this lady is pretty crazy, we asked her a few questions about the other missionaries and what they taught her and it was all over the place. Not sure were gonna be teaching her much longer. She did want a blessing after, it was cool to see how she has a testimony of that. Then later that day we went home and washed our bum cracks! Then we went and taught Bill and his friend Ric. Ric is a really prepared guy but has a big drinking problem. It was sad during the lesson we were talking about 9/11 and I guess they had good friends on the top floor of the towers. He was telling us how they were literally jumping out the windows and then he just broke down in tears. So we decided to watch the Easter video with him and I told him after the video that Jesus made it possible so that we can repent and see our loved ones again and how God has a plan for all of us. It helped him out, they both loved the video. Then that night we had dinner at the Jensen's house then headed to the church for Mutual.
Our investigator Markese was there again so, that was good. Then some dodge ball broke out and it was everyone against us! It was pick on the missionaries night, I guess..but we did put up a good fight! ha. Thursday was our walking day and we were inside pretty much all day. We went and got some food at a place called Friendly's, its kind of like Denny's. But the manager is a less active so we just introduced ourselves. Our server lady asked about our Book of Mormon's on the table. So, I gave her mine. We have been handing those out like candy lately. Then that night we went over to the Kearl family's house for dinner. It was a good time, me and Pelsue were riding these little scooter things you sit in. It was a bit difficult for this Ginger, I didn't fit too well in them. So, Pelsue had to push me. ha. Friday we went and tried some other less actives. Then, I was dying of starvation so we went to this BBQ place. And oh man it was sooo good! My sandwich had burger, pulled pork, bacon and onion straws on it! After we went and saw a less active and then helped Diana at her store. Then we met up with a recent convert at a buffet. Saturday was cool we had a big clean up with a bunch of other missionaries at this park. Our job was too clear out this big fence that had trees and all this crap all over it. My job was to cut down the little trees with a hand saw.
I cut down around 20 or 30! I was dead after. Then after that we went and helped a new family move into the area. So, there was another 3 hours of moving heavy stuff. They are a way cool family though.They said they will have us over for dinner a lot! Sooo they are good in my book! ha After that we went home and had some lunch, then went over to the Ashdowns for dinner. I guess Sister Ashdown has a brother moving to Cedar to teach at SUU.
But after them we went to the church and played Basketball with some members and a investigator for the rest of the night. Yesterday, I had to give the opening prayer and Pelsue gave a talk. After church we went and taught Carol a less active and had a good lesson with her. And after we went over to the Sutherland's house for dinner aka the 3rd cuz place. They are a fun family. Then this is where the donkey show came into play here in Jerz. While me and Pelsue were going to try a less active last night. Pelsue dropped his name tag into a rain gutter; about 3 feet under. ha So, this caused me and him to think of some Red Neck yacht club stuff to try and get it out. Started off with a stick and a piece f gum we chewed and put on the end of it, because it was the only sticky stuff we had in the car. Then tried duck tape we borrowed from some random lady across the street. And finally we went and asked for hanger's and with some team work we got his name tag out! And you already know we gave the lady a book of Mormon for her kindness! Ha ha she was cool about it though. But that was the week for this Ginger.

Love you guys! Hope you all had fun with miss Sarahlee! She is awesome! 

Love: Elder Smith

This is Elder Pelsue's weekly lettter that has some things Trev left out ha ha!

So this week was good Tuesday we met a less active and went to the park with her and her son and got to know her. and played with her son. and in the midst of playing on the hockey rink I hit a slick spot and sprained my ankle again no biggy but luckily I have done it enough that I know how to get it better so I've been aiding that back to health this week. then we went and ate at a members house and showed them a fun trick because they have little kids :) then on Wednesday I put two braces on my bad ankle and one on my good one and we went out on a hike with an investigator. after that we went and taught 2 other investigators and then ate dinner with a member. to finish the day we went to the church for mutual and then it turned out to be a kill the missionaries with dodge balls night!!! I tried using the expert advice of patches oh hoolahan consisting of "dodge, duck, dip, dive, and" but it was not a fair fight haha but we had a lot of fun. and I did take out some of the youth and in some unfortunate casualties little kids got taken out as well from some good dodges on the youth's part  :P but they all showed up to church on Sunday and gave me high fives. then on Thursday it was our walking day and we sat out on the roof and planned and updated our area book. also we played  baseball with a Gatorade cap in our apartment and there was an unfortunate casualty of a chipped cap getting hit and elder Blake Robert Pelsue catching it right in the forehead and going man down. but he ended up being ok and made a full recovery. and then to finish out the night we had BBQ with the young women president and her family. Friday we saw a less active that just had a knee replacement about 5 weeks ago and found out she just broke her femur. it was sad and crazy. then we helped out at a nonprofit organization called GST or Garden State Treasury  and then we saw a recent convert and went to a chinese buffet with him. it tasted good....... but not the best idea just saying all you can eat means all you can eat will come out eventually. just saying haha usually at the same time :P then on Saturday we had a 4 zone clean up project and I got to see elder Packham. AKA my boy and AKA my MTC Comp. so that made me happy then I also go to see elder Maloy who has taught me how to play some guitar :) I love those guys then right after that project we helped a family moving into the ward move into their house. and to finish out the night we played B-ball with an investigator and some members and out bishop. and finally Sunday this is where everything good and not good and funny happened..... so church...... about 2 minutes before sacrament started I was asked to give a talk because one of the youth didn't show up... I think it is carma for when I accidently slept in when I was supposed to give a talk. so score is Blake: 0  Heavenly Father: 1 ... he is winning haha and then after that it went well other than right after all the youth were still sad that Elder Smith and I kicked their butts at dodge ball so they hid my scriptures and his backpack so we looked for those for a while. then we found them. then we ate at elder smith's cousins house that lives in our ward. and then we went to try to contact a referral....( this is where the subject up top comes into play.) as I got out of the car I tried to take my planner out of my shirt pocket and my pocket tag that was clipped on it ( and this is in slow motion.) flew out of my pocket and as I tried to catch It, It bounced off the car and right down the sewage/storm drain..... so needless to say I was mad. because I wanted that tag to last me my whole mission because I haven't lost one yet. so we went back to the house and elder smith had an idea. we needed a long stick and duck tape. so we loaded up and went back to the scene of the crime. and we found a stick but elder smith had forgot the duck tape. so we tried chewing some gum and putting it on the end of the stick  and picking it up with the stickiness. but that turned out to be a failure. so we went and knocked on a door and asked a lady at about 8:30 at night for some duck tape and luckily she had some so we attempted the original plan of putting duck tape on then end and picking it up with the stickiness... and failed so we went back and asked her if we could use a wire hanger. and she gave us one. and so we create almost a shovel thing with the duck tape and a broom handle and lifted the tag about half way up and then elder smith hooked one side with the strung out hanger and slowly lifted the tag up to safety!!!!! and after our success we celebrated and also we turned using all of this wonderful lady's stuff and destroying 2 of her hangers we returned the remaining tape and broom and turned it in to a contact to where she accepted a book of Mormon and we promised that we would get her more hangers. so that was my week :) it was a good exciting one I hope you all have a good week :) I love you guys: Elder Pelsue

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