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Monday, April 14, 2014

Letter 62

This week was a real busy one! Monday night started it off with one of our zone leaders going on exchange with me and we went to GNC to get him some fat burning pills, haha these pills were meant for people that were highly addicted to coffee so they have a ton of caffeine and metabolism boosters in them. ha he was on the pot all night and he was sooo hyper. he would not shut his face,ha he kept talking to me till about mid night, it was funny though. Tuesday I had District meeting. And guess who wanted to come to my meeting.? President and Sister Jeppson. I about pooped my pants when I saw them walk in the door. But out of all the trainings I did, I'm glad they came to this one because I used hunting in my lesson. They were laughing, I read out of the bible how we are the spiritual hunters and I related it to hunting, and how our Jesus cloths we have on is our Jesus camo and our Book of Mormon is our bow/gun haha it was sweet. Then the rest of the day kind of sucked. We drove about a hour and a half over to our investigators house who we are helping him quit drinking and he was soo drunk when we got there. He was ticking me off, he kept asking dumb questions, everyone could tell I was about to lose it so we just testified to them and left. So they just got DROPPED! Wednesday we had a lesson with our investigator Bill and we talked about the Law of Chasity and he asked us what the whole deal of it is so we gave him the nut shell of it. And he was still a bit confused ha so I  told him you can't touch the booby area and stuff before marriage and he was like "what! I can't even touch a boob!?" hahahahaha me and Pelsue were laughing so hard. It was a great lesson. Then that night we were able to have one of our investigators come to the church for mutual. His name is Markese he is 12, he had a lot of fun so it went good. Thursday we were suppose to have walking day but our day was so busy we could even do that. We went back over and saw bill, then we had dinner with the Celearo family which was way good. We were flipping starving! Then we drove to Englewood so I could interview a little girl for Baptism. Her name was Lianna, she is 12. She was really shy so it was kind of hard talking to her. But I opened her up. I bribed her with some Swedish fish ha, she did good on her interview she got dunked on Sunday. And after her interview I gave her a gift certificate to Dairy Queen and told her dad he needs too take her out on Monday. ha He was down.  Friday we went and did a little service for a investigator that just wants us for our muscles and service but it's whatever! :) then after we went over too Diana's and helped her out for a couple hours, after we helped her we went and met up with a new investigator we got, his name is Tony, he is a cool guy. He ran into some missionaries who had a flat tire and he helped them out then they referred him to us. But we went and talked with him, he has a girl friend and a little boy, he told us right off the bat he isn't interested in becoming a Mormon but we will see about that. haha We just told him were not here to sale him on anything just too teach him about Jesus and if he wants it for himself its all up to him. So he wants us to come back next week so we did something right! Then after Diana took us too Applebees for dinner, we had a fun time there, she ordered up her cocktail and we started talking about the church and it went really good. We answered a lot of questions she had. It was a fun time though, got to talk about all of her family in Columbia and it looks like I might have to go there and find my wife from what she told us. So book that flight for when I get home!! Saturday we went over to some other investigators house and Carol was outside cleaning her new car and jamming country music, Zac brown band and a lot more! I about died I haven't heard that forever. So we had a little country music concert! ha I was playing the air guitar and pelsue had the violince, were pro! haha But then yesterday was a really busy day. We had 6 investigators come to church finally. And on top of that President and his wife came too our church so thats twice I about pooped my pants this week seeing him. ha! But the investigators had a good time and said they would be back next week. Then the primary wanted me and pelsue to come share a missionary experience we had with the kids so we went in there guns hot and got the kids all pumped up and told them our story about how Bill was praying in conference about the church then left. ha! The kids get all excited when we come in there I feel bad for the ladies in there trying to calm them all down after. ha! We don't help the situation going around giving high fives haha! whoops!. But we finished the day with dinner at bishop Manchesters place and teaching our investigator April and seeing a less active Carol and Lexi. We ended the week teaching 22 lessons and having 6 investigators at church... Are we on steroids?.. nope were just that good haha! Oh and p.s Jones called me up yesterday and were moving out of our apartment into another apartment but you can still send mail to my other place cause we will stop by and grab it. And also just to let you all know me and Jones are having a fishing competition today on who catches the biggest fish today out of our companionship. So please keep Jones in your prayers to be able to catch a fish because he will need it hahahaha love you guys!

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