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Monday, April 7, 2014

Letter #61 Love him!!! Still keeps us laughing!

This week was something else. Monday ended the P day with fishing and having dinner at the Maynes house with steak and ribs! it was SWAGGER! Tuesday was transfers and i stayed, so about a month and a half more for this ginger. But since we took over the sisters area we went over and taught a lady named Banana on Tuesday, Ya no joke her name is Banana, she is a lil wacky! We brought a member Bro Ashdown over with us; he home teaches her, but i got yelled at for cracking my knuckles and she made me sit on my hands haha she was mad! Chick is crazy! Pelsue and Bro Ashdown just were laughing. ha Wednesday we had our zone meeting then we went over and taught Bill Crabb, he was the sisters investigator and he is awesome. I've know him for a while, but we had a member Bro Reeder over with us. And it was a bit of a donkey show cause they both can talk like none other. But Bill is just struggling with the true authority so its hard for him to approve of all the commandments. But it went good.  Thursday we got a call from a member who was in the hospital and she wanted a blessing, so we went over and talked with her and her husband. She is really sick it was sad. She was really yellow cause of something the doc gave her made her look really yellow. It reminded me of Grandma Millington. But she has cancer and stuff, but one funny thing she did was a nurse came in and gave her some high quality drugs for her pain and she was high as a kite after. I asked her how she felt after they gave her it and she started flapping her arms hahaha it was funny stuff. Then later that day we walked over to see a guy named George who is a crazy dude. He says the F word every other word ha. But we talked with him for a bit then he told us about all of his girlfriends i was laughing so hard, but we read Ether 12:27 with him then i said the closing prayer and right in the middle of my prayer he said "holy Sh&* you gave me the cold chills." ha then when i was done he no joke had huge goose pumps on his arm it was pretty legit. I guess im a powerful lil ginger when i pray haha.Then that night i get a call from Bro Mayne telling me he has 2 tickets for the NJ Devil's game for Friday night and asked if we knew of anyone who wanted to go. Sooooo of flipping course we wanted to go. So i texted Jones and told him the situation and he said to asked the big dog President Jeppson. And he said my chances of going is like me making a 400 yard shot with a bow hahaha he was right P Jepps said no deal. haha So we went anyway!!! HA JK JK WE DIDN'T! We gave the tickets to our investigator Diana who runs the GST place, she needs a break, so my blessings for that give away should come up soon ha. Friday we went and got the tickets for Diana and took them to her. It was cool, she gave us a picture of all of us that we took a couple weeks ago, and started crying and saying how hard it is to find people like us and how much she appreciates all we have done for her. It was cool to see how much we have done for her and how much she appreciates it. Then on top of that she hooked me up with a sexy suit! I look pretty fresh in it not gonna lie. I asked Diana how i looked in it and she told me i better be careful cause their are cougars gals out there that might get me hahahahahahahahaha its that Smith gene baby! Then later that day we went over and had some pizza with a member that just got back to church, her name is Sister Summa she is flipping funny! She has some crazy stories to, then after we went over to a families place the Burlesons. They are members and the dad is a founder of this robot cargo moving thing, and he asked if we could go in a helicopter ride over Manhattan in his companies helicopter! Soooooooooooooo this might be going down soon! Saturday we had the Mormon Superbowl of General Conference, and it was weird this time cause me and Pelsue were the only ones in the church watching it haha i felt like a loner, Just me, Pelsue, and the holy ghost chillin, until one of us farted then the spirit would leave but it would come back hahahahaha jk But we did get a investigator named April to come and watch the second session. Felt bad for her she was soo bored ha i kept giving her Jolly Ranchers to keep her up and awake ha. The Sunday session was good too, we had a new Nanny there and Bill came. Then after the first session a big ol donkey show happened. Long story short a less active came in needing a place to stay and a ride to go to court and their wasn't really anything us or the bishop could do at that point and i just about broke this old mans hip! But i didn't, he told me i needed more compassion, haha what a jerry! But after that flipping thing was done with we ended the night with the second session then went and taught our investigators Carol and Tiana and Asia. But that was my week folks love you guys hope you all stayed awake during conference. I only fell asleep once :) HEYY OHH!
LOVE: Elder Smith

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