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Monday, April 21, 2014

Letter 63

Fam whats up!
This week was a good one. Started off with the fishing competition with Jones, his comp and us.Thanks to my  good guiding skills Pelsue caught 2 perch. ha! And I guess Jones caught 3 bass. But long story short Jones is a sore looser and he thinks since he got one more fish then us he wins but the game is still on! haha But now for the Jesus stuff. This week was good. Tuesday we had lots of rain. After my district meeting we went and tried some door knocking and finding less actives, and me and Pelsue were at this door and right when we got there it started to sprinkle, then after our second knock it started down pouring! we had to run to the car and my gray suit was black when I got in the car from us running in the rain. I don't know what we did to deserve that one but it happens ha. Then we went and taught a Recent convert, Brother Gregory. He is a cool guy, and has a cool story of why he joined. We met him in Dunkin Donuts over 6 Delicious donuts so it was a party. After that I went over to the Caldwell area to interview a kid for baptism. His name was Franklin. He is well prepared by the sister missionaries over there. I even brought him a donut! Nice I know! Wednesday we started early at 10 am going over to a investigator's Maggies house and that ended up being a donkey show. She thought we were meeting her at this hiking trail so we drove another 10 min over to the trail. We were in our Jesus cloths and I was rocking some black vans cause my church shoes were soaked from the rain the day before but I was alll for going on a hike so we did it anyways rockin our Jesus wardrobe! ha it was cool though we hiked like 2 miles I think. We got to this view where you could see Manhatten it was cool. After we went and saw Diana at GST and helped her with fixing stuff up and moving furniture. Then we went and saw Frank, he wasn't feeling very good cause he was in a lot of pain from his leg so we kept it short and sweet with him. At the end of the night we went and saw Alex who we have taught for a while. We had a good lesson with him, probably one of the best. We watched the easter video with them on and they liked it a lot. We talked about the Atonement and then the cool part was when Alex told us how much we have helped him and the example we are to him. He said he respects to us and thanks us for everything we do. It was a nice pick me up!  Thursday was packing day because we got word that were moving to the sisters apartment so we packed our stuff up. Packing is boring so yes there was a boxing match that broke out with some blow up boxing gloves Chandler sent us. And I broke mine the first round haha got intense!! Then the night ended with going to dinner with the Mayne family for pizza. Friday we moved over to our new crib in the morning and let me just tell you. First off the Apartment had sisters in it so yes it smelt a lot better then our apartment. But I learned that when women take showers and their hair comes off their head they whipe that crap on the wall. So we found a whole jungle of hair on the wall of our new shower! Women are nasty haha. Found a big ol bottle of Veet too! the hair removal stuff. Stuff works good tried some on my arm haha. But we did that then we had dinner at the Ramptons and then I did another baptism interview. And this one was hard cause the father spoke french and hardly any English but he passed, and his 12 year old son was interview too. I gave him some candy and I guess his dad doesn't give him much candy, this kid ate this stuff in like 2 seconds haha. But Saturday we played some B Ball with the youth at the church which was fun, then we went out and taught some less actives. Yesterday was fun, had church and I was looking all fresh in my new suit I got and my easter tie from Ashley. We got fed 3 times too it was great. Then came home for a bathroom break and the sisters left us hanging with a half a role of T paper but Pelsue came to my rescue so I made it out okay haha. Then today we did our studies and had comp study on the roof of our house playing our guitars. ha We live on a main road and everybody was waving and honking at us it was pretty funny. Then today we got to hear from Elder Tom Perry. I even shook his old hand. He is a cool guy, he talked about the priesthood then opened it up for questions from missionaries. About last 20 min of the meeting me and tongan and D port were dying of hunger, but I was well prepared with Jerky and cookies.Tongan had his pockets filled with cliff bars. haha we were having a feast on the whole back row. haha but that was my week fam, Congrats to my boy Kelton on his return home from his misison! I miss that kid! Me and Jones are both shocked he is home. Love you guys. Go watch the easter video on the site!
Love:Elder Smith

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