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Monday, March 4, 2013

Weekly update #3 March 4, 2013 (This one makes me laugh!)

what up ma and paps!

This week has been a lot better. We have moved 2 people into new places this week so it was really nice getting to just dress in our street close and do some work. Also the teaching has picked up. Its a lot different then i expected. I figured we just focused on getting people into the church. But we also work hard on people that have fallen away from the church. Which is nice to go talk to them cause they know what we are talking about and so all we do is try to boost up their faith and testimonies so its a lot easier. And usually i can relate to them so thats nice to. But im starting to learn a lot more about the scriptures which is nice cause before i didnt know jack! but im getting there. But i got to tell you about a member that we went and saw. His name is Akoto. ya goofy names over here! But he lives in a apartment building and we knew from the beginning that he had a mice problem but this time was nasty. We went over to teach him a quick lesson like we always do everyweek. Well as i was getting my scriptures i looked over and a mouse ran across the floor and my chocolate companion just about soiled his pants! haha he hates them he act just like the black people in the movies its funny! But after the lesson Akoto asked us to move some suit cases in a closet for him so, not looking forward to this we did. So we went in his room and grabbed a suit case and the one i got had mice crap allll over it! It was horrible and not to mention the fact he hasn't opened these in 5 years ya my companion about lost it after hearing that! But there was mice crap alllll over the floor underneath the suit cases! it was horrible! But that was my nasty story for the week. haha i figured you would enjoy it!. But other then that we have just been teaching members Frances and Kou Dou Gou haven't really showed much interest we call them a lot but nothing happens. But yesterday was fast and testimony day and guess who had to say the prayer AGAIN! YES me the red head! these people need to learn how to set sacrement up! but its all good i also bore my testimony so that was cool but i was soiling my pants the whole time so i will need some new Jesus Jammies! hahaha jk jk! Well thats about it for the week im still white and my companion is still black so thats about it! :) The days are going a lot faster so thats nice cause i sleep like a champ at night. but love ya tell everyone hi for me!
Love: Elder Ginger Smith

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  1. He is so funny! Delightful letter! We are loving reading them, thanks for sharing!