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Monday, March 11, 2013

Letter #4 Great week!

Dear Mother and Father!!
This week wasnt to bad! We got a big list of all the members and non active members in our area and we called all of them and tried to set up a apointment with them. Some came through and some juked us!! Dont worry me and jesus are working on them! haha But me and my chocolate companion walked a lot this week. We get bored walking around so we play games while walking to our other apointments. The trash game is a classic where we kick a coke bottle or a vodka bottle :) that some hobo left on the ground and kick it back and forth, but my favorite is my companion taught me how to beat box hahahaha can you imagine my red headed butt beat boxing its awesome..well he is super good at rapping ...of course he is black! so i beat box and he rapes about our day its pretty legit! But on Friday we went and taught a girl names Santina! she is way cool. She has two boys who are 4 and 7 she got divorced after 14 years which would be crazy hard. But she just wants the best for her boys and she is a way good mom! She has been taught before by missionaries but they just gave her a book of mormon. But me and the chocolate man taught her about the gospel of J.C. And that went way good so about half way the spirit was way strong and Jesus pretty much told me to invite her to get i did!! And she said yes! it was pretty sweet! we also invited her to come to church but she flaked on us. So hopfully she is serious about this and we will get to see her this friday. But thats the only new investigator we have this week. Its starting to get warmer here so thats always nice! But NJ is just like the other day its was a blizzard and the next it was 60! Well I didnt have to say the prayer this sunday but my MTC companion did HA!! People didnt set there clocks so half the ward showed up at like 45 after! But thats about all for this week. Oh And last p day we drove up and played b-ball with Colby! it was way good to see him. But his area is way nice only saw like 4 black people it was a whole new world but i could for sure live there! And i saw my first Ferrari dealership in Morristown! ive decided im going to go test drive one some day while im here! haha love ya!
Love: Elder Smith

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