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Monday, March 25, 2013

Letter #6 (good thing he will never change!)

Dear ma and pa!

First off nice job getting a fun toy when i leave! classic!!! I could be bouncing that through the sage brush bashing bunnies but noooooooo! ha Well this week wasn't to bad. The weeks are flying by keeping busy is the best thing to do out here to help you not think of home! But Tonya and Domar bailed on us this week, freaking clowns! But were still going to keep on them! on Weds. we went to the Card family's house for dinner. We gave there daughter's blessings cause they were sick! We ate some hot dog thing in a tortilla it wasn't to bad! But we have been getting fed a lot this week, which is always a bonus! we were running low on the food this week and $, and randomly members would call us and tell us to come pick up food, it was sweet!! one of the members name is Vinda she is African and she made us like 7 pounds of rice and this beef stuff to put on top! it was good and to top that of she bought us ice cream!! i told Jesus to send her to the Celestial Kingdom! haaa Well after that on Saturday me and Chocolate were walking down to some in active members houses down in Newark. On the way we passed by this basketball court that had like 5 kids 12 to 14 years old playing basketball. They started talking some mad crap!! they were throwing the F bomb at us calling me a kracker and all this stuff. i wanted to break all of them in half!! But i asked my companion if i can just take my tag off and go back and he said i would still get in trouble! soooooooo i think im just gonna come back after the mission with my bow and teach them a lesson! haha punks!! Well that was about the best thing that happened this week. The funny thing is everyone here thinks i look like Bradley Cooper and Jake Gylenhall! its funny im a super star over here! haha i could get use to this!! But also on Thursday we went and saw a member who got baptized when she was 8 i think but her mom wouldn't let her come to church until she turned 18. So she turned 18 the other day so we went and saw her. Her name is Karmen she is way cool she loves running track and stuff but while we were there her friends came over Ricardo and Asia. Ricardo is a little on the femmy side so he's scary and we keep our distance. but there both really prepared Asia was asking lots of questions and she wants to get baptized but is scared of the water! There's something with black people non of them can swim neither can my chocolate companion! haha but We have appointments with them this week so hopefully they will keep wanting to learn more! Well that's it from the ginger boy love you guys don't wreck my jeep while im gone! ha

Love: Elder Jake Gylennhall aka Elder Trevor Smith

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  1. Tracey, Sounds like he is doing what he should be doing. I am so glad that you post these letters. Keep doing it!