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Monday, October 27, 2014

Letter 89

My Fam what up!

Well this week was a good one! We traded in our Lawn Mower for a paint brush, so our lawn care business is on hold now. We painted like a bunch of flippin pros over here in Snookivile! We helped out a family this week who is redoing there first floor of there house so we went over and helped them paint a few times this week. Tuesday was a good one, we have a sister missionary in our zone who is going home on Wed SO we came up with the idea of holding a funeral for her for our meeting hahaha! we sent a text to all the missionaries in our zone except her and told them to wear all black, and when they came to the chapel we had a nice sign saying "Sis Houghton's Funeral Service." haha it was awesome. Me and Nilssen looked like the Men in Black. But sexier! :) The rest of the week was filled with lots of service and teaching. Then on Thursday night i got a call from President Taggart and this ginger will be keeping that Ginger jean still here in jersey because i am Training a new Missionary! My due date is Tuesday haha. So im following straight up in Chocolate mans shoes its crazy! But after changing my undies after that phone call i spent the rest of the night finding rides for other missionaries in our zone for the meeting the next day for all who were training. So Friday was just driving all over Jersey and going to the meeting. It was fun, they did ask us the question of what we learned from our trainers. And that was a long time for me so it took me a bit but i came up with 2 things. #1 chocolate taught me how to survive in the hood! ha and #2 was he taught to my needs. So ill be putting that into my son also along with some ginger git r done stuff. So this weekend was basically was painting and saying goodbye to everyone here in Eatontown. Its always sad leaving area's cause you get close to a lot of people but Jesus is always takin the wheel so must move on. But ill fill you all in more next week. love you all! GIT R DONE YEEEHAW! 


this pic is at a dinner appointment and the Neu fam's. They are cool. We roasted wieners and made smores! 

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