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Monday, October 6, 2014

Letter 86

Holy Gracias almighty! This week was the craziest week of my mission hands down! It started off nice and Jesus like on Monday with a good round of 18 holes of golf. Followed by Tuesday with district meeting and finishing the night planning for a training me and Nilssen had to give. But wed is when it alllll went down hill. All day we were in a leadership meeting where all the new missionaries come too and we give them training s on mission teaching skills. Me and korean taught on Teaching people not lesson's. It went good. Then the rest of the afternoon was filled with role plays and good food along with hunting talk with the hunters in our mish. ha After our meeting we headed home and had a meeting with bishop till about 9:30 and on our way walking to the car we got a call from our mission nurse sis Dunn saying one of our sisters in our zone is on her way to the hospital with her blood sugar at 600, so me and Korean flew to the hospital and she was doing very well for where she was at. We stayed with the sisters till about mid night after giving them both blessings. Crazy part was I gave the blessing to the sister with the diabetes issue and her blood sugars went from 600 all the way down to normal in less then 2 hours. crazy. she went home right after. Jesus took that wheel. The next day was round 2 of the leadership meeting that went from from 8 to about 4:30, it was cool cause we got to watch the Meet the Mormon movie, Tongan was there too we had good times eating a bunch of candy during the movie. Then we headed home after being in traffic for ever! We went straight to the sister's house with all 4 of them there because they are all sick. We gave blessing's to the ones really ill and left for another meeting. After that we took the 4 sick sister's some Popsicle and was told that sister Caetano was acting weird and not responding so we told them to call us asap if she ended up needing to go the the hospital. So we left at 10 p.m heading to micky dee's for a late dinner and while in the drive through i got the call from Sister Cobb saying Sis Caetano is unconscious and they cant lift her up to get her to the car. So we fast 6 status flew to the apartment and when we got in there she literally looked dead. I picked her up and carried her into the car and we FLEW  to the hospital. We were there all night till the next morning. Throughout the night she got better and better. It was the craziest thing ever. That brought us to Saturday morning at 10 . am after the sisters were situated in there hospital room we went to Corilation with our 5 o clock shadow and all having about 2 hours of sleep. ha After that meeting we went home and fell asleep from 11 to 4 and missed the first session and half of the second. whoops! ha But that night was cool before priesthood session a member took all us elders out to a Hibachi restaurant and spent $300 bucks on all 9 of us! ha it was flippin awesome! Sunday morning we went and saw Sis Caetano and you already know we brought her freshly picked flowers from the Hospital garden hahaha! Git r done! Then the rest of the day was watching General Conference and eating food! This week was so crazy! I had a lot of cool experiences though. Love you guy's.

P.S. Well done Smith family with all the kill's!  Git r done yeeehaw!

Love:Elder Smith

This pic is for you Twinky!!

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