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Monday, October 13, 2014

Letter 87

Whats up!

This week was so much less of a Jerry Springer show then last week. Monday we had some mini golf going and a red head named Elder ginger Smith took first! ha Tuesday we had our Zone Meeting about Revelation, it went pretty well. After we went and got lunch with the zone and then came home and took a nap cause we were getting cold's. So after our power nap we went over to a members house for dinner and ate some real good Italian food, then ended the night going to the mall because I had to buy me some new pants. Wednesday was cool, we went and helped a members friend move some furniture up to her apartment on the 2nd floor..I  was sweating my ginger butt off! Then we went over and checked up on Josephine and then we got this message from some Senior couples in the mission office about a guy that wanted us to stop by. His name was Dominick and his wife Maryum. Dom's brother in law who lives in Utah is a member and Dom and his wife have been going through a hard time, so we went over and Dom invited us right in and started tellin us about him and next thing you know him and his wife invited us to stay for Pork Chops and salad you already know we did. They have been dealing with some drama with their twin boys who are in their teens, so we gave them good advice on dealing with them. I told them about some rebel days and how even though it might seem like the boys don't listen to what they say to them but they do! whoop there it is!  ha Thursday was cool, we went over to Emily's house with her friend from Germany and Emily made us Yorkshire pudding from England! That stuff is flipping good! And on top of that she made Nutella cake and custard! We basically went to England for lunch. After that we went and tried a lot of people the bishop wanted us to check up on and then we ended the night with a epic game of Basketball at the church. Friday we had Elder Cowboy Nielson with us, that was fun we went over and saw Coral, it was good seeing her and the fam we havent seen them in forever! Then we had a few more solid Jesus lessons with some less actives and Recent converts. Us 3 teaching together is dangerous! ha But we ended the night at Henry's place with his fam eating some way good food. That family is awesome. Saturday we were suppose to have a BBQ at the church but the weather was bad. So we tried a few people then decided to have a pasta Basketball party at the church and invite everybody and there dog. We had a pretty good amount show up. Henry, Pelsue and other missionaries were there along with some members. It was fun. Ended up getting a little black eye due to going up for a layup and catching a elbow to the face! ha Yesterday we had stake conference, some members came and picked all us missionaries up in there 80's disco van! thing was sweet! they had a car full of donuts for us. ha They were our personal taxi service it was cool. But got to see some members from when I was in Princeton which was cool. And I brought my sour patch supply so I could make it through the 2 hour meeting!  ha Then we ended the night with the Fiello family for dinner and that's it people! love you

Love:Elder Smith 

These clowns are lucky I don't have my bow!

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