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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Letter 67

This is gonna be a quick one I gotta go teach a Chocolate man here in 20 min. This week went good. A highlight for Tuesday was Elder Winfield almost killed us due to him looking at a attractive daughter of god off the side of the road and almost rear ending the car a head of us. But he stopped just in time. I was pretty funny though. Wednesday was real cool. We went over and taught this less active in the hood of Trenton. And his old lady in the back ground was singing some African music and she was SOO LOUD My def butt couldn't hear a thing this man was trying to tell us. So I sat there and put a smile on my face then I gave up and went and sat right next to him so I could be on the same page as everyone else. ha! After that lesson we went over to a new investigator we got, her name is Jackie.When we first got in the house things were intense, she had some drama I guess with Elder Winfield of something he didn't do, so at first things were pretty awkward! But I calmed her down and we had a really good lesson with her and this crazy old lady that she watches. Jackie was crying about lots of hard times she has been through but you could tell when we testified to her that god loved her and has a plan for her it helped her a lot. Then out in left field you had the grandma lady come in and say. " if you bend down and touch your toes, I'll show you where the wild goose goes!" haha. She was legit! Thursday was a bummer. We didn't get to teach anyone it was a slow day. But on the crazy side we were knocking on some apartments by our place, and this lady answered and said she was raised Mormon, and grew up in St George and how she just got back from there this last weekend. And she went to Parowan high School and knows some of the Robinson's. Crazy. Friday was pretty slow, we just went and saw some less active and then had dinner at a Recent Converts place. She is awesome. Saturday morning started off playing basketball, and then we went over to the families place who use to live in Cedar and helped them clean there garage and then went over to a Parade that there kid was in, I yelled Mormon swag out to him when he passed us haha his friends enjoyed that. I scored on a good hand full of candy too!  After that we went and taught our new investigator Agatha who has the 8 kids. And we taught her the Restoration and it went good. She is excepted to be baptized and her kids too. So lets hope that goes down. Then we went and knocked some doors and ended the night at a less actives graduation party. And it was alllll chocolate peeps and us 2 white boys. ha I felt a little weird. But the food was good. And we did make some good contacts with some of the people there that want to learn more. Sunday was awesome. Except for church, the talks were great and all but the A/C wasn't working so this ginger was melting in that place. I had to fan myself with a big ol coupon book the whole time. Oh and we got to teach these 2 little primary kids, we taught them Feelings. So we did a lot of smiling frowning and then gave candy out cause that always makes them happy. Then ended with singing The Snowman song and popcorn popping haha After Church we went over to the Arigondy's place. And She is from Manchester England and has a accent like Aunt Barbra and all of them, it was awesome. And he is from Ecuador. Some couple huh. They are cool though. Now Monday was swagger. We woke up at the bum crack of dawn and went fishing and we got some big ol Bass. And then had a ward picnic and hung out for the rest of the night. That was my week folks. Love you guys
Love: Ginger swag!

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