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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Letter 65

Alright here is my week. Monday we went fishing in the morning and didn't catch jack!! And that night we finished it off at the Ashdown house for Family home Evening and a big ol Nerf gun war broke out! ha it was pretty wild! Missionaries won for sure! Tuesday we had Zone Conference, we learned about the Atonement and had lunch. Then after we had a game in the gym and it got a bit wild. The game was whoever didn't get a bouncy fall after they are thrown up in the air is out of the game. Well me and Jones went for the same one and it ended with me throwing him into the wall and then him getting away and me falling on my back. yep I lost! Then after conference we went up to a place called West Milford and taught some investigators and we put a baptism date for Mothers day. It was pretty swagger! Wednesday we had district meeting and I talked about doing service for people and how it will help us #1 get out of the Jesus cloths and #2 help people understand how we represent Jesus! it went really good. After we went over to our investigators house, her uncle and cousin past away just a few hours apart a few days ago so she needed a pick me up. So we went over and taught the Plan of Salvation to her. And it went pretty good. She is like dory off Nemo so she See's something shiny and she is gone!! haha It went good though. Thursday we went and taught a less active and then Frank our investigator. And ended the night at a members for dinner. Nothin too big. Friday was crazy though. Started off at 10 a.m almost getting pulled over by the PO PO's and I'll tell you that one when I get home haha it wasn't nothing bad though so don't worry. Then we got to our investigators house at 10:30 and we taught her the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We tried to put her on date for baptism but she wants to come to church first. After we got juked by everyone else so for our lunch hour we went and got some sandwiches at the local 7 eleven and fished for a bit at this little pond and Pelsue got a Pike! I was Pissed! idk what it is, but I got a hit at this spot then nothing for a while then he went over and caught one! What a Jerrry! But after lunch we went over and taught Bill, and he is doing good still just working on his testimony. Then we went over to Diana's at GST and taught her about Trials. She still doest understand why we have them. But we just bore our Testimonies to her and that was about it. Then for dinner we went over too the stokers for a BBQ! It was legit! Saturday I had meetings in the morning then we came home for lunch. Then we headed too Sister Blacks place, and we taught her on the Atonement, then after we taught we went to DQ and bought her a blizzard just cause were awesome like that! then we went over to the Grooms families house and me and Pelsue mowed there lawn in our Jesus cloths haha we do work! And then we shared a short message with them, then we headed over to the Allen family's place and we were a bit early so we knocked some doors. And we talked too this one guy we was sitting in his car with his kids who were asleep. ha so we taught him in our whisper voices and he took a Book of Mormon it went good. Then we had another BBQ at the Allens and we had steak and it was soooooooooo good! I ate soo much. And after we finished the night at Basketball. Yesterday was a good day. We had Church and after we had dinner at the stake presidents house President Jensen. And his wife can cook! we had Burgers and all sorts of other good stuff. Then after dinner we were all talking and they have 4 girls all in there teens and they are crazy! They were all laughing so hard the oldest was drinking water and a joke was told and she sprayed water all over her dad and sister hahahaha I was crying I was laughing so hard. haha Family is awesome! Then we taught the Gospel with them and I did my trick for it and they enjoyed it. Then after that we went over to a members B day party. Her name is Debbie and she is a little slow but a awesome girl. I gave her a Squirt gun that I had in the car cause its all could find haha she liked it though. But they fed us even more food over their and then that was our night. But that's all she wrote for this week. love you guys. I'll be skyping around 4 Utah time on Sunday. I'll let you know if it changes! GIT R DONE!
lOVE: Elder Ginger Smith

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