Trevors Homecoming

Monday, May 13, 2013

Letter #13 Wow! Glad he was 10 mins. late.....

What up fam!
Well i told you everything yesterday but ill tell CC about my week and some crazy stuff happened this smorning at laundry! But this week was awesome we got 4 new investigators and if i could pronounce there flipping names i would but i cant! but on Saturday we had a really long day but it was worth it. Me and Tongan got up and worked out then came home and got ready then headed out for the day. We went and tried a investigator that hasn't seen the missionaries since 1998, now he is 17. His name is Eric and he is a pretty cool kid, he is a little mentally challenged and has some face issues like his lips are really big and his eyes are to and when he answered the door he was brushing his teeth and if you can only imagine what i saw! I about soiled my undies right there!  the other missionaries said  my face was priceless! But we had a good lesson and we met his mom who loves to feed missionaries so that's a bonus and we will probably see them this week. The other guy was the one i told you about yesterday he came up to us on the street and wanted help he said he had the devil always with him and his mother is in the hospital from a stroke and he wanted me to pray for him, so i did and after i looked at him and the spirit pretty much slapped him across the face and he kept saying he felt as light as a feather it was really cool. But that was it for last week it was way cool to see you guys yesterday! I wish we could of talked for longer but what do you do! But for the crazy story that happened like 2 hours ago. Me and Tongan went to lift then after we always go do laundry with the other Elders! well we were a little late and when we pulled up there were cops and the ambulance was there and E Davenport my MTC comp and his companion E Deru were standing out side and what happened was the place got robbed and E Davenport and his comp help with it, i guess the owner had the robber up against the wall with a saw and E Deru helped hold the guy down till the cops got there. The robber was wanted for 20 other Robberies and there was blood all over the store it was crazy i was soooooooooooo jealous i wasn't there! just like 10 min to late! But that's about it for the week hope all you mother's out there had a great Mother's Day! Especially you MA! love ya!
Elder Smith

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  1. Oh my Goddness, an armed robbery! I am grateful that he wan't there. That kind of stuff is not fun to witness that's for sure. But as for the guy answering the door brushing his teeth, I ;m sure that was "priceless".
    Sounds like Trevor is doing what he is supposed to be doing. And it's a good thing that he found someone that likes to feed the missionaries, that is awesome.
    If Trevor ever gets to read this blog, I want to say, Trevor-- Keep up the Lord's work, you will be blessed throughout your life for serving the Lord for 2 years. How cool is that to be totally in the service of God?