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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

# 16 Another fun week!

What up fam!
This is going to be short and sweet because i only have like 5 mins to write this. But this week was good. Haven't seen many of our investigators but we have been visiting a lot of our members in the hospital i told one of them Sara who is 85 that i was going to take her on a date when she gets out so i probably need more $ in the account haha. But yesterday was memorial day and it was a good day. Me and Tongan went to the gym then we went to the church for the ward breakfast it was legit i ate enough bacon for me and Peyton and the rest of the ward I'm a fatty! But after we went and played b ball with my boy Elder Jones and some other missionaries. Then we went down to a less active member Rajeems place for a BBQ. ha ha When we got there. it was about 20 black people and 4 white guys but there all legit sure they all sell drugs and were throwing gang signs but its whatever! We took a pic with all of them ill try to get it to you. But it was a good day. I'll e mail you guys later this week for more details. love you guys
Love: Elder Smith

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