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Monday, May 6, 2013

Letter #12 Read your Scrips!!!

What up family!
This week was busy for sure! My new companion is Elder Makai he is Tongan he is from Spanish Fork! He loves lifting and Utah so we get along just fine! We get our swell on every night so im happy about that! Its funny to see peoples faces when we walk down the street i thought they gave me and chocolate weird looks but when you got a Tongan and a red head together it gets even better haha! people aint gonna mess with us! but Tuesday was transfers and that's where me and the chocolate man said our goodbyes it was weird at first but im already use to it! He called me the other day and we talked about home and him going on dates haha LUCKY CLOWN! But he is doing good! On Saturday we went and saw a less active member named Rajeem he kills me, and when we got there him and all his boys who were drunk/ high wanted to go walk Springfield and they invited us so we did! haha it was a scene 7 black dudes with 2 dudes dressed in shirts and ties they kept saying that nothing bad is going to happen because they got Jesus with them! ha it was pretty fun walking around with them but when we got back we taught them a lesson and it went good! one of his friends was really the only one who was interested the rest just smoked weed. But we were having a awesome lesson then the cops pulled up! all they did was sit in there car and watched us for about 10 minutes! But they never got out then they just left! After that they were like awwww man im so glad you home boys were here because we probably would of got in trouble! haha it was funny! they really listened up after that! But other then that we also got to see Melvina who Ive talked about before. she is doing good but its hard to get her mom who is a member on the ball with her getting baptized so who knows! were still trying though! Well that's about it this week im excited to see all you guys on Sunday i think i can call you Saturday to set up a time when we can chat! Well love you guys read your scrips!!!
Love, Elder Smith

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  1. Love reading your letters! They make my day!